Image from Once Upon a Time TV Series

Image from Once Upon a Time TV Series

I haven’t done a Once Upon A Time post in a few months and I thought it was high time given all that’s happened in the show thus far and what better time to do it than during this mid season 3 week break they’re having (what with super bowl and the Oscars coming up)? 

If you didn’t see my first post on my season 2 predictions, check the bottom of this post for the link that post. I was re-reading that one and I’m surprised how right I was with a lot of my predictions and then a bit of them which were horribly way off. Anyway, so if you’ve been following my blog awhile, you might know about my slight obsession with fairy tales ( hence the blog name) and consequent love of NBC’s Grimm and ABC’s Once Upon A Time. My boyfriend have followed both shows quite religiously, though I will say that OUAT has overtaken Grimm at the moment in terms of exciting episodes and plot lines. We really love OUAT and frequently theory craft for hours and hours about what we think will happen so the theories below are the result of that. I can’t really take credit for all of them as my boyfriend does come up with a big chunk of these and we sort of play off one another in that respect. So, I hope you enjoy the following predictions even though there aren’t a whole lot of them at the moment and feel free to share your own thoughts and speculation in the comments – I’d love to hear them! Also, let me know if you like these sort of posts, if you don’t, if you want more OUAT fashion inspired posts, etc. – I would love to know what you think! 

  1. Neal is Not Bae, but is Baelfire’s Son. Our idea behind this is that it would make some sense if Neal was Bae’s son because the fairy tale land timeline would line up a LOT better. It would also explain how Neal knows about magic (if he’s not actually Bae). Also, if Bae died early on when Neal was a child or if he was committed into an asylum (for talking about say, magic existing) then it would make sense why Neal was orphaned. 
  2. Cora is the Miller’s Daughter. Regina’s last name is Mills which I think hints at this a bit, but I feel like it’s become even more apparent now that Cora has come into the picture in season 2 and they’ve talked a bit about the fact that Rumple is the one who taught her magic. Especially the last episode with the kissing moment between them ( EW. ) kind of hints at something more. I think they’re going to play on the actual Rumpelstiltskin fairy tale in which the miller’s daughter ( Cora? ) is forced to try to spin straw into gold, etc., and then the whole bit about the baby being his price. It would make sense because Rumple actually tells Regina when he first meets her as an adult that he knew her as a baby or some such thing? This would all tie in nicely. My boyfriend has a theory that Regina is the love child of Cora and Rumple, but I personally find that too horrible so I disagree with that one. 
  3. Emma has the Power to Restore the Memories of Those who Cross the Town Line. This goes back to the fact that Emma has what Rumple calls “white magic” – something hitherto unseen and unknown by even those in FTL, but I really think she has the power to restore the memories of both Belle and the dwarf who have crossed the line out of Storybrooke, especially given the whole idea that she’s the only one who can leave other than Henry. 

So those are my theories and thoughts for the rest of Season 2 – I’d love to hear your thoughts on OUAT, if you watch the show, etc.

Again, let me know if you enjoy these posts, want more OUAT fashion posts, or want beauty looks from the show or whichever. I would love to know your thoughts and requests so please leave them in the comments!

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11 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time Season 2 – Mid Season Predictions & Speculations [SPOILERS]

  1. Ray

    Interesting post! This is one of my favourite TV show too…i totally agree with the white magic part & more with your BF about Regina being Rumple’ love child!!!

  2. mikeballenger2011

    I love how every show that I enjoy like Once and The Walking Dead take these “breaks” mid season. I feel like I am dating these shows and things are going good and they my show goes on a 4 week booty call, then they want to snuggle with me. Gimme the shows, I can handle it…nice post!

      1. jonalysprecious

        Thks ! I will see it … but my english is not very good and i need french translation !! 🙂

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