I totally skipped out on the whole monthly goals post series I had been doing for like 2-3 months and it makes sense that my goals since then have been jumbled, static, and nonexistent so I thought it would be good to do a post on my goals for 2013. I don’t want to calls these “New Years’ Resolutions” because I feel like, if I did, I would be setting myself up for failure. Just the idea of that seems so frivolous and fickle and I prefer these goals to go the entire year or you know, until I accomplish them so here are a few of my goals for 2013!

Goals for 2013

  1. Make More Money. I think this one is on nearly everyone’s list, but yes, I’d like to make more money and live more comfortably. 
  2. Move to My Own Apartment. I live with a bunch of people at the moment in a big house and while I don’t necessarily hate it, I’d prefer to live in my own place with my boyfriend and my dog, Yoshi mainly because I’d like to have my own fridge. That might sound weird, but I a a huge food snob and I want to stock my pantry with healthy food and my fridge with lots of fruits and veggies without 1. the fear of everyone eating my food and 2. the annoyance when my food is constantly pushed to the back. Also, I’d like to decorate! 
  3. Run 3 Miles a Day 4 Times a Week Consistently. I really enjoy running, but what sucks is that I live in a really bad neighborhood to run in. It’s not really safe for a girl to run by herself and my boyfriend gets all crazy whenever I want to go running by myself. Also, with the hours I work, it’s nearly impossible to go running before it gets dark so I’d like to run on the treadmill at my local gym and possibly run outside on weekends, but whatever, I’d like to be running 3 miles a day 4 times a week consistently in order to lose weight, improve cardio health and bring my body fat percentage down. 
  4. Eat Clean & Get My 7-9 Servings of Fruits & Veggies Everyday. I am working as we speak on re-designing my eating plan by planning out breakfast, lunch, and snacks that are all “clean.” If you’re unfamiliar, eating clean is basically eating only whole foods – no processed, packaged, or artificial foods – only whole foods like veggies, fruits, meat, beans, legumes, and some grains. 
  5. Take More Fashion Risks & Incorporate More Color Into My Wardrobe. I am not necessarily someone who wears all black all the time, but I have a number of safety color choices from black to blue, purple and sometimes a little green or pink, but I haven’t branched out to some more eclectic colors and I’d like to do so this year!
  6. Organize My Beauty Collection. It is a MESS. Seriously. It’s out of control under my sink. Some of it is kind of stored, but it just looks horribly disorganized and I’d like to be as awesome as all the people on Pinterest and YouTube and really get that madness under control.
  7. Start a YouTube Channel. This is one of those things I’ve wanted to do, but just haven’t gotten around to doing and I’d really like to do it because it looks like a lot of fun! I would love to share my fitness tips, recipes, makeup and beauty tips, DIY, skincare and things so this one is big on my list.
  8. Organize My Closet. My closet doesn’t necessarily look as horrible as my beauty collection, but it’s just cluttered and disorganized and since my room is so small, it’s quite obvious that it is! I really want one of those wooden hanging closet systems so that’s high on my list to get my closet in shape! Plus, I’d like to get rid of my dresser and just have my closet. I’m avant garde like that :-P. 
  9. Pay Off Debt. I don’t have like massive amounts of debt or anything, but I have balances I’d like to pay off that I’ve put off and sort of not really made a plan on how to pay them off when I really should so this is a big one on my financial to-do list because I’d like to be debt free this time next year. 
  10. Go Back to Acting Classes. This is very near and dear to my heart and it’s not something I really talk about on here because this is a beauty blog and I don’t know that it’s of interest to anyone really, but I did take acting classes and go to studios all through my teens. I took a break when I was 20 and just couldn’t afford to go back. Then I gained weight, lost my confidence in my ability and yeah. So this year I’d like to go back to class and really do something. Acting is my passion and something I’d like to do as a career and so this is a huge priority for me. 
  11. Get An Agent & Audition for Parts in Film & TV. Lastly, I’d like to get an agent and start working in film and TV. I love TV and film and ever since I was a young girl, that’s been something I’ve wanted to do. I’ve put it off out of fear of rejection and lack of confidence in my abilities, but it’s high time I just went and did it so that’s my goal for 2013. 

What are your goals and wishes for 2013?

Where do you imagine yourself this time next year?

I’d love to know in the comments!


7 thoughts on “My Goals for 2013!

  1. My Lucite Dreams

    These are great! I’m right with you on all of them. #4 is definitely something I’m trying to do. I feel like I’m still of holiday eating binge and I know when I eat clean I feel amazing, it’s so worth all the effort and cooking. 6, 7, 8 too! Good luck to you! 🙂

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Thank you! Yeah I totally know what you mean. I spent all last weekend organizing meals for the week so I could eat clean because doing so does take a bit of effort, but I think it’s worth it! Thanks for the well wishes- best of luck for all your 2013 goals as well! x

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