Happy Friday Everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a great week and look forward to a nice, relaxing weekend!

I know I personally need some R&R after this week. It felt like it was especially long for some reason – anyone else feel like this week felt like forever? Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway, here’s a bit of what I was up to this week!

On Sunday, I finally washed my makeup brushes. Not that I’ve never washed my brushes before – I do – it’s just that it had been awhile (like a week or 2) since I had done it so it had to be done. I use these brush guards from Coastal Scents for my larger brushes to keep the bristles in shape and clean. To clean all my brushes, I just use an organic hand soap with lukewarm water. I’ve been using one that I recently picked up at Target from Boots, but you can also use baby soap and that works nicely as well. What do you guys do to clean your brushes?

I’ve also been spending lots of time with my dog Yoshi!

He’s a Brussels Griffon and he is the best! No, literally. Yoshi means “great” in Japanese (according to my boyfriend – don’t quote ME on it. Lol). Anyway, I love him to death and he’s the weirdest dog ever – he’s afraid of everything pretty much, he’s currently obsessed with sleeping all the time on my bed, and he hates carbs, but loves chocolate and meat so I think he might have an eating disorder. Just kidding. He’s just a bit strange, but adorable in that old man way nonetheless! Do you have pets?

I picked this water bottle / tea canteen thing up at Target last week and it’s been AWESOME. It keeps hot tea hot for hours so I advise those who pick one up to avoid putting scalding water in it for their tea or coffee or whichever because it will stay scalding hot for like 2 hours. Anyway, on the bright side, it keeps cold water cold for hours as well so it’s very handy! I find I definitely meet my water quota more often now with this! Anyone have something similar to this?

The other day, I received the Problem Solver Face Mask & a tiny sample of the Youth Dew in the mail from May Lindstrom and OMG THIS MASK WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. I will post on it more officially when I’ve tested it a bit further, but holy crap!  – THIS WORKS. The Youth Dew is perfectly paired with the mask for use after, but I’d like to do more testing before I comment on it too much.

I think this face mask might actually dethrone the Liquid Gold Mask from Alpha-H and I don’t say that lightly! It smells like chocolate and vanilla and herbs or something and it feels like a hot stone massage on your face. Like you can really feel it heat up. It’s actually kind of uncomfortable, but the results are SO worth it.

Even my oblivious boyfriend (who made fun of me while I was wearing this mask and couldn’t move my face LOL) had a moment of “Oh wow, your skin does look amazing” when I rinsed it off. Also, I adore the little stone pot that comes with this mask ( mask comes in a powder form and needs to be mixed with water). It’s quite heavy and very good quality. Anyway, I think I’m in love with this! *Swoon!* Yes, I swoon over beauty products and what? Have any of you tried May Lindstrom Skincare before?

I also received a small sample of the Blooming Bath Oil from Max Green Alchemy and this stuff smells JUST like their Skin Rescue Cream ( see my review on that – here ) so I immediately loved it, but the bath experience is another thing entirely! I am surprised this oil actually dissolves in bath water ( unlike most bath oils which just sit awkwardly on the surface). I’ll do a full review on this one soon as well!

I also picked these up from Target the other day as well. I’ve never tried Shea Moisture before, but  it seems quite nice so far! I enjoy the texture of both of these, but will do further testing before I post on my thoughts. Anyone tried Shea Moisture before?

I just received this in the mail yesterday from Acure and I’m SO excited to try it out ! My hair definitely needs some TLC in this cold weather! Have any of you ever tried the Acure Organics hair care?

This is a photo I took yesterday late afternoon. Isn’t it lovely?! I was surprised at the picturesque moment as it was FREEZING outside, but everything looked beautiful anyway!

Here’s to wishing you all a great weekend!

How was everyone’s week?

Do you have any plans for the weekend?

Let me know in the comments!

5 thoughts on “Life On Instagram: My Week In Photos!

  1. healthyfrenchie

    My week seems to be dragging too for some reason! I think it’s because it January and we are all adjusting to going back to normal after the holidays.. Your dog is so cute! Funny about his diet though! Freddie will pretty much eat anything! He begged for tofu once but chicken is still his favorite… And I love your last pic, it’s actually freezing here ( -15C, 5F) and I haven’t seen the pavement or anything other than white in ages haha Anyhow, have a great wee-end

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I know right! That must be it – felt like forever! Lol. Thank you! He is so weird about food. No carbs only meat, candy (no I don’t feed it to him, but he wants it anyway lol) and water. I swear he’s on a low carb diet haha. Aww Freddie – so cute! Thanks – me too! I was surprised because my phone camera SUCKS lol. wow colddd!!! Stay warm this weekend have a nice rest!! ❤

  2. SoFitSoGreen

    Wishing you a great weekend as well! Love your blog. I just found it and as a fellow fitnes fan and health nut it is so motivational! I have plenty of recipes and inspirations on my site as well if you ever want to drop by 🙂 SoFitandSoGreen.blogspot.com
    Can’t wait to read more!


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