Hello Everyone!

So, we’ve finally reached the end :-‘( of the 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways event and I’m quite thrilled (LOL) as planning this event was pretty hectic what with all of the posts and things and getting all the items together PLUS my own Christmas to – do list, but it has actually been a lot of fun to do besides the stress of it as I find I work quite well under pressure and have managed to get all the posts out without too many snags. PLUS I really have enjoyed seeing all of the amazing comments and tweets, re-tweets, and everything it has been tons of fun and very exciting for me all at the same time so thank you so much to everyone who has participated thus far and if not, you still have time to participate in this last hoorah giveaway!

Today’s prize is the KORRES Goddess Beauty Color Collection which I personally picked up from Sephora. I thought it was only right I should be the last sponsor as it’s my giveaway and all and I hope it’s just as amazing as the others, if not a bit more so, you know, because it’s from me 😉 .

I went with this lovely gift set because it was within my budget and because I love KORRES and I have been raving on about their primers since the inception of this blog so I thought it was pretty fitting!

Also, if you want to know the winners of this giveaway, check back in 3 days and the post for who won which prizes will be up!

Anyhow, I hope you’ll all sign up for this last giveaway and I hope you have a lovely holiday, whatever you have planned – stay safe and happy.

Remember to Hurry & Sign Up Right Away!

This Giveaway Will Close in 48 Hours!

Click Here to Sign Up Now!

Good Luck!

29 thoughts on “…On the Twelfth Day of Christmas Giveaway!

  1. Hannah Ackroyd

    Christmas definitely means time to be with your family. Now that I am working, it upsets me so much that I have t work Christmas Eve and Boxing Day as I don’t get to spend time with my extended family any more 😦

  2. Snow

    Christmas for me means family and friends gathering together. But this year my parents are away so I’ll be spending Christmas by myself 😦

  3. sophie grayling

    Honestly the holidays dont mean a great deal to me anymore as my “family” isnt together. but the now my brother is 4 and he knows what christmas is all about now and i just cannot wait to give him presents! it gives me lots of joy to give people things that they actually want

  4. luchessa

    ❤ Holiday time mean family to me ❤ It's just that special moment when i can bake something with my mom and she tells me all the funny family stories, we remember our vacation trips ect. Also great fun to decorate the tree with my dad. 🙂 Makes me feel like im a bit closer to the magical world of my childhood. And it was a great palce to be.

  5. emherbxx

    Holidays mean spending time with my family 🙂 It’s so nice to spend time with them as we’re usually all so busy we usually don’t have time to sit down to a proper meal together most nights! xx

  6. Naomi

    To me, the holidays mean spending lots of time with my family, playing games, eating food and having fun 🙂

    Great final giveaway, by the way! Thank you so much for organising all of these – you’ve done an amazing job.

    Naomi xx

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you think so – it was more complicated than I initially thought putting it all together, but I’m happy with the outcome! Thanks for sharing what holidays mean to you. sounds lovely ❤

  7. miahepburn

    This is a great giveaway! Korres is a brand I’ve heard so many good things about….

    The holidays to me a chance to relax, but usually ends up stressful anyway. 😉 It’s a time to spend time with the people you love, rather the people you feel that you “have to” spend time with.

  8. sharon

    Thank you for this amazing giveaway!!
    Christmas means new beginnings for me. Like opening a fresh page for a new amazing year!

  9. ecobeaut

    Aw, it’s so nice of you to sponsor this giveaway yourself!

    The holidays mean a lot of me! Cherishing time with family and friends, but also treating yourself and relaxing.

  10. brittany

    Wow! Awesome giveaway! I would love to try this brand as Korres seems to be highly recommended in the beauty community. I loved all of your giveaways. You did an awesome job 🙂 Good luck finishing up all of your Christmas shopping!

  11. Melissa

    Christmas, to me, means that I have survived the finals I thought were going to be the end of me! (I would say ‘jk’, but it’s really true lol). It’s also a time that I get to share my family traditions with my own little ones, which is very special to me.

  12. Shay

    The holidays for me mean helping the less fortunate. I volunteer for My House, an organization that aims to help the homeless youth of Alaska.
    To sum it up, my Christmas goal is to always help people who are less fortunate. It is also about family for me, but that’s a pretty generic response.


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