Zap Hide Blemish Concealer

I was recently sent the Jane Iredale Zap and Hide Blemish Concealer for review and I am so glad because this is certainly one of the best concealers I’ve ever tried and even better than most because it treats blemishes while concealing them!

First off, this mineral stick concealer is not irritating in the least. It doesn’t aggravate spots or cause more breakouts like many concealers I’ve tried. It is dual ended – one end is a treatment balm and the other end is the stick concealer. It is quite handy for on-the-go touch ups and I really love that the concealer is creamy and non-drying. My favorite part is that it’s non-drying and also seems to be healing my blemishes! Though it is creamy, it does stay in place for a good amount of time and it’s very versatile. I’ve used this concealer as just a blemish concealer, but I’ve recently been using it as a concealer to touch up all imperfections on my face and then setting everything with powder for a really light makeup look and I’m surprised by how naturally flawless my skin looks! I’m actually getting similar results with just using this concealer and a bit of Alima Pure powder foundation dusted of the top than I would using a liquid foundation which is pretty incredible to me! To apply this foundation, you first use the treatment balm end over blemishes and then tap the concealer end over the top of that and pat it into the skin to blend. It’s very easy to blend into the skin and it never looks cakey, ever. As a regular concealer on the face, I skip using the treatment balm and just use the concealer end which works really well. I don’t use this on my eyes as I find they need more hydration and so I opt instead for the Neutrogena Heathy Skin 3-in-1 Concealer  as I find it to be more hydrating.

The only think I’m not too keen on with this concealer is the fact that the treatment balm does not last very long. It melts on contact with skin and therefore seems to not last too long. I don’t know if I was just using way too much at first ( could be) or what, but it’s gone way down in comparison to the concealer end which lasts quite a bit. I’ve been using it over a month now and it still looks like I barely touched it and the treatment balm end looks half gone so use a light hand if you decide to purchase this one and want it to last. All in all, a seriously great blemish concealer and the best one I’ve found so far for those with sensitive, reactive, or acne prone skin types. This is definitely a must-have!

You can check out this concealer – here. 

Otherwise, shop the entire Jane Iredale line of products – here. 

6 thoughts on “Heal & Conceal Blemishes With Jane Iredale’s Zap and Hide Blemish Concealer Review

  1. ecobeaut

    I think I need to get this concealer. I have way too many acne scars on my face and I feel really self-conscious all the time! Do you think its creamy enough to go over scars that are slightly dry and flaky at the same time?

    By the way, congrats on winning my first ever giveaway. Thanks so much for working to get it out there. You deserve it!

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I know what you mean – I have some scarring right below my cheek bones and it does make me feel self conscious. I’m not sure if it would totally cover your scars, but it has a lightening effect that will make them less apparent – might have light diffusing particles or something, but it will definitely not irritate your skin. If you have dry and flaky skin, I would recommend oil cleansing before you apply your makeup so you havea slightly oily residue and then the makeup will adhere better and it won’t show the dryness. Thanks again for having the giveaway! I’m so happy I won 🙂 and no problem – I’m happy to rep fellow bloggers. We have to support each other ❤

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      yeah this one isn’t my fave for dark circles. for that, I’d recommend the Neutrogena Healthy Skin 3-in-01 Concealer its really brightening. this one is lovely as a blemish concealer though! x

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