Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend, a lovely Thanksgiving (if you’re here in the USA), and enjoyed some nice retail therapy, whether online or in stores.

Personally, this weekend was somehow not long enough for me!

I know, that seems ridiculous as I had Thursday, Friday, the weekend AND Monday off, but I guess I’ve just been doing too much running around to get much rest in which is fine by me, though my body is complaining a bit!

Thanksgiving was fantastic for me, having been the first time that I can remember since I lived at home that I actually didn’t drive all over the place to several Thanksgiving celebrations, but I wasn’t having it this year and it was seriously nice to just stay home and relax…and you know, eat pie.

It seemed really short-lived, though, as you all might know, I was at the local mall at nearly 2:30 AM! And it was CRAWLING with people! I was, like WTF?!

I am someone who really never experienced the madness of Black Friday until I was 20 and even then, I still didn’t go to the places I knew would be seriously flooded so this was the first time I’d actually seen a really packed shopping area in the wee hours of the early morning, mind you, so I was a bit blown away.

Take A Look For Yourself: 

Sorry for the crappy quality, but you can see it’s quite busy at only 3 AM!

You see, the mall had totally given me the slip. I checked opening times and Sephora’s recording said they opened at 5 AM so I had planned to go wait in line around 3 and wait until 5 AM, but when I arrived, I saw a huge flood of people already going in and out of the mall so I’m assuming they gave incorrect hours to intentionally prevent mobs and riots of people from all showing up at once, but I am pretty sure they actually opened at midnight which is just insane.

Anyhow. Saturday was spent shopping as well, but less so as shops were still really packed. The after – black friday line at Best Buy (electronics store) was so long, it weaved throughout the store and they had an employee with a sign that said “End of Line Starts Here” to let customers know because there were literally people everywhere. There’s nothing I want badly enough to stand in that line!

Sunday and Monday I spent getting a bit of rest in, but still had to catch up on laundry and things.

-Sigh- So, alas, I’m still pretty tired, but had a nice holiday weekend anyway!

Oh! Also, I’m debating between buying a treadmill or getting a gym membership as I’d like to run more regularly, but I live in a bad neighborhood so any advice is much welcome on which is the better path to take!

How was your holiday, weekend, etc?

Did you get in any shopping online or in stores?

10 thoughts on “Happy Tuesday!

  1. healthyfrenchie

    That’s madness indeed! I love shopping but the idea of queuing at 3 in the morning does put me off! Poor employee as well, can’t be fun standing there with a sign at such a crazy hour! Get some rest 🙂

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I know right! Yeah screw working on black friday! My boyfriend worked it 2x when he was an employee at Best Buy (which is said to be one of the worst places on that day) and he said people get insane. Yelling mothers, people getting into fist fights, etc. He said he had coworkers who would just quit because they would have mini nervous breakdowns due to all the craziness. I’ll get some rest tonight thanks 🙂 xx

  2. masquerade21

    Complete madness, I really wanna experience Black Friday now. If you get a treadmil you can go on it whenever you like – no opening hours to restrict you and if its at home you can watch tv, not care about how you look, not be embarrassed when your out of breath after only 2 mins (like me lol) xxx

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Haha I know. It’s part of what attracted me is observing the craziness. It’s like watching Natl. Geographic or something. People get crazy for stuff they want. I know! That’s what I thought about the treadmill idea, but my bf keeps trying to bully me into getting a gym membership because that’s what he wants to do. I love the idea of running while watching Modern Family though haha. I get so bored running at the gym – plus everyone looks so bizarre. We all look like hamsters on wheels. I think its def more comfortable at home. Thanks for your input!! xx

  3. productjunkiegirl

    I actually worked Black friday quite a few times for different companies- this one had the least amount of foot traffic this year! (Then again, i’m in new jersey- it could be that a lot of people dont have extra cash to spend because of the hurricane.) I did make a few purchases- loved Doctor Sweet Tooth’s bath product sale over the weekend! Great deal!

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Hmm wow really? Crazy how diff. Areas are different in traffic. It probably does have a lot to do with the hurricane too. Also I’m in Cali i think ppl here love a chance to shop this LOL.

  4. f00dventures

    I’ve never experienced Black Friday. Heck I think the first time I even went out on a Black Friday was this past one. There’s really nothing I want or need where I’m going to fight mobs or go out at midnight. Glad you made it out alive lol

    I would recommend getting the treadmill that way you can wok out whenever. I like not having to look presentable when I work out in my own home.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Yeah it was just crazy haha. Kind of exciting, but also kind of like damn this could get dangerous at any second sort of way. Okay, so question. This was just posed to me by a friend. He said that an elliptical would be better because it’s gentler on knees/joints and burns equal or more calories. What do you think on that front? I checked an online calculator & it does show the elliptical as burning more than running, but since you’re an expert in that sort of thing ( to me, at least!) then I thought I’d ask your opinion! x

      1. storybookapothecary Post author

        thanks for the link! It is really an interesting comparison. I think I will likely end up getting an elliptical if that’s the case – I just need to find an affordable one that’s a small size as I don’t have much space! Thanks for your help xx

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