I’ve been browsing online like a fiend, which I think just comes with the territory when you get near holidays. Everyone wants to shop, right? Maybe it’s just me…

Anyway, so here are some things that really caught my eye and made it on my wish list for Christmas!

What’s On Your Christmas Wish List?

6 thoughts on “Fashion Lust List: Winter Edition

  1. f00dventures

    I don’t know what’s on my Christmas list this year. A wedding date from the fiancé would be nice. I asked for that last Christmas and got an iPad instead lol An awesome gift but I’m still waiting on the wedding date. When I opened the iPad I literally said “what the heck is this? I don’t want this. I want a wedding date” lol I love the iPad now but, still, I want a wedding date! Even if I don’t get the wedding date, Edward always gives the best gifts. So I’m very curious to see what he’s going to do this year.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Haha aww that’s cute. You guys make an adorable couple. I’m sure he will tell you when you’re both ready. Guys tend to be all dutiful when it comes to things like that. Maybe he wants to establish his career more first? I mean bc he obv loves you. Hope you get some great gifts irregardless! Xx


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