Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I’m back again with an update on my Insanity workout progress and thoughts.

So, I should start off by saying that my boyfriend and I decided a week or so ago that we would bounce around and do at least 3-5 of the Insanity workout DVDs to try them all out and get a bit better at them before going the full 60 day plan straight through.

Since starting, I’ve certainly seen my body change for the better. I don’t know about much more pounds lost as 1. ) I haven’t been tracking that too strictly and 2. ) our calories haven’t been on a strict plan as of yet. What I can note on is that I have less pudge on my legs, arms and abdomen areas. I have more strength and stamina and I’m able to make it through to the end of most of the workouts on most days. They are still really hard and challenging, but it’s a process.

Another thing to note is that I notice my increased stamina, strength and endurance more when I’m doing other workouts or exercises that used to be difficult. Take suicides. These used to make me feel like I was going to literally die…or, you know, pass out.

Then yesterday, I was doing the Cardio Power & Resistance DVD workout when I noticed, suicides aint sh*t to me anymore!

I know, it may not be something to get super excited over, but I understand that little things make up big results over time and that is a little side effect that I feel really proud of!

Aside from my euphoria over this realization, I also wanted to mention that after a few months of testing the waters on the Insanity DVD’s and trying out all the workouts, getting better at them and really deciding we want to commit to doing them, my boyfriend and I have come up with a proper eating plan for the 60 days finally and will begin this weekend with our plan.

Our plan includes eating the bare minimum of carbs with lots of protein and veggies. So, I don’t want you all to think we’ll be starving ourselves because that’s certainly not the case nor is it our goal to starve to death. We do want to be on a more strict regimen of eating, though, because we’re both excited to get the most out of the 60 day Insanity plan and see those results!

And we both secretly want free t-shirts haha.

Anyway, so that’s where I’m at with Insanity at the moment!

How’s everyone’s workout plans going?

What are you guys doing to stay fit, healthy and happy lately?


2 thoughts on “My Workout Update + Suicides Are Easy?!?

  1. healthyfrenchie

    I’m impressed! Way to go, I don’t think I could have stuck with it for so long… I personally found anything involving arm and chest strength hard, like all the various push ups he does, hard!
    It’s great that you are seeing such progress though


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