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I’ve been meaning to do this post for ages, but if you’ve been following for a bit, you may know that I’m not the most skilled when it comes to nails and nail art. I’m just not. I do try! It’s just that I lack the patience and skill to make it look nice most days. So, for this particular, I actually enlisted some help! My friend S (for anonymity purposes) is a serious nail maven. Her nails always look amazing. Seriously, she always has the most perfectly shaped, designed and painted nails. Often times, she even adds her own nail stickers, decals, or hand-painted designs. She paints nails like a boss. 

Anyway, you get it. So, she actually applied these nail shields for me because I felt really out of my element and I don’t see how I would’ve been to apply them by myself.

That being said, Here Is What You Need if you want to apply these shields

  • The Shields of Your Choice ( I received Burgundy Floral for review)
  • Nail Scissors
  • Nail File
  • Nail Polish Remover
  • Nail Buffer
  • Tweezers
  • Hair Dryer
  • Nail Cuticle Pusher (thingy?)
  • Clear Topcoat Polish (optional)

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The first thing you have to do is cut the shields to the approximate size of each fingernail. The shields include some for your toes, but I’ve only done my nails so far. Just cutting them to the approximate size is fine as you will need to cut them down to your exact nail size once they’re on your fingernail.

Next, you will want to prep your nails. Remove any polish or other designs of any kind, if any, from your nails. Buff and shape as desired and push your cuticles back in order to reveal as much nail surface as possible (without harming yourself, of course). Lightly buff the top of each nail a bit before going to apply the shields.

So, once you’ve cut the shields out, you want to peel each nail shield one at a time and hold them underneath your hair dryer for a few seconds before you apply them to the corresponding nail. You can use your fingers, but we used a pair of tweezers to hold under the dryer and then used fingers to apply them to the nails. Some seemed to stick right onto my nails while others had to be firmly pressed and held on the nail for a few seconds to really stick. I recommend firmly pressing each nail down to get them to bond well to your nail.

After each shield is applied, you need to cut the end a bit, depending on how accurate your sizing was before applying, in order to get them to the exact shape of your nails. We used nail scissors to cut the ends off and, in some cases, actually cut a bit of my nail off to match them up, but you can do it however suits you. After all the nail shields were applied and cut down close to my nail size, we lightly blow dried my nails for a few seconds all at once (similar to putting your nails under a dryer at a nail salon)  in order to really seal them in place.

After 24 hours, if you want, you can apply a topcoat over the shields. I haven’t done that, but I think it may help cement them further if you really wanted to get the most out of them.

Here is the End Result:

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So, what do you think?

Personally, I think they look really nice! I love the idea of having designs on my nails, especially when it doesn’t involve me doing these designs myself! Trust me, if I did these, it would look bad haha. Anyway, my only complaint with these is that I don’t think they can realistically be applied on your own unless you have some mad ambidextrous nail skills. As someone who isn’t very skilled, I can’t say, but since my friend is, she mentioned that she didn’t think these could be applied by yourself. It’s kind of complicated that you have to apply them, but the fact that they need to be cut down is where you could run into issues.

Other than the fact that these can be a little troublesome to apply, they do look really nice on and they’ve lasted through my showering and hand washing thus far with no problems or peeling!  I love all the designs they offer and how flawless they look. I just wish I could apply them myself, but I guess that’s what friends are for! 😉

You can find the Burgundy Floral nail shields – here.

Otherwise, they have lots of other design options – here.

So, what do you think of these nail shields or nail shields in general?

Yay or nay?


5 thoughts on “Jamberry Nail Shields with @NailsUWant – Burgundy Floral – A Review

      1. storybookapothecary Post author

        Haha no no, more proud of my friend who did all the work. I just sat there browsing pinterest! She did all the magic! Man, if I had done this myself, this post would’ve been totally different haha x

  1. beautyamongfriends

    I really appreciate StorybookApothecary for giving Jamberry Nails a try and taking the time to write this review. I am so glad she likes the look on her fingers. They do look awesome on you!! Your short nails show that our shields look good on all nail lengths.

    As far as having a second person (or group) around makes it all fun and exciting to share this bonding time together but our designer nail shields are designed to be self-applied. It usually takes a couple of applications on the nails in order to get the hang of it but by the time you have finished all ten nails they will look like they have been done by a pro, as they do in Storybook’s picture. 🙂 Jamberry Nails was an idea thought of by three sisters wanting to spend quality time together but still wanting to look fashionable doing typical things women do.

    The shields have a clear protective top layer that keeps the designs from fading so there is never a need for a top coat. They contain no nail polish or harsh chemicals so there is no chipping or smudging. If you do a lot with your hands such as gardening or cleaning, we suggest using small amount of nail glue around the free edge to prevent lifting, otherwise, using enough heat and pressure will keep them in place for up to 2 weeks on fingers and up to 4 weeks on toes.

    Also, one sheet comes with 18 shields in 10 different sizes. Storybookapothecary would have had another row to play around with and probably would not have needed to do as much trimming since I only sent her one row. Overall, the quantity of application is good for the buck since you can get 3 to 4 applications from one sheet.

    Thank you again, StorybookApothecary, for taking the time to share your thoughts about Jamberry Nails. I would LOVE to give this design away to one of your followers along with a complimentary shield that I think looks adorable with it, Burgundy Chevron. You can see the combo here on my page https://www.facebook.com/Irma.Ind.Jamberry.Nails.Consultant?ref=hl#!/photo.php?fbid=522261507788075&set=pb.475738682440358.-2207520000.1350631511&type=1&theater I am so looking forward to it! 🙂


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