Happy Sunday Everyone!

I hope you’re all enjoying a nice, relaxed day before it’s back to the salt mines on Monday.

Personally, I’m just getting in a bit of cleaning, exercise, and R&R.

I thought I would post today a few things I’ve posted to Instagram (@Storybookbeauty) this past week to show you what I’ve been up to! Also, be sure to check the bottom of this post for posts you may have missed this week! Enjoy!

Earlier in the week, I was feeling seriously unmotivated to workout, but pissed off because of course I have goals I want to reach in a timely manner. Some days, we just have to force ourselves into it so we can remember that we actually enjoy things. I really like this motivational “fitspo” poster because it’s so true. It makes me stop and think and say “So true” and then I want to work out.

Thanks to the incredibly in shape Laura from LauraMUSTLoseWeight, I discovered this deliciousness. It’s 0% Fage yogurt with all natural peanut butter and it’s freaking AMAZING. Seriously. My boyfriend, a person who normally hates any kind of yogurt, actually likes this. That’s incredible in and of itself. I’m just saying. Plus, it keeps you full and it offers good fats, lots of lean protein and probiotics (prebiotics? Whatever). Also, I find it to be a bit sweet so it’s great for when I’m craving junk to eat this instead. If you want it to be a bit sweet, add a teaspoon of honey.

This is my favorite salad ever. At least, it is as far as fast food goes. I had this mid-week at El Pollo Loco which is one of the healthier fast food places to eat. It comes with creamy cilantro dressing (green glorified caesar type dressing), but I don’t really eat it with dressing. Instead, I pile on the salsa and cilantro which gives it a lot of flavor and juiciness without all the added fat/calories. If I really want some dressing, I dip my fork into the salad dressing, tap off excess and pick up some lettuce or whichever so I can get a little of the flavor without over doing it on the dressing and consuming too many calories.

This is so delicious! It’s sliced pork, rice cake and veggies from one of my favorite boba tea places to eat – Ten Ren’s Tea Time. I love their Spicy Tofu as well (which you can see a pic of on my instagram if you really care to LOL) and my favorite drink – jasmine green tea with aloe. It’s a deliciously refreshing drink that’s a bit lighter to have than boba (though I do love boba).

How did your week go?

Oh! Check out these posts you might have missed! ;-P

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2 thoughts on “Happy Sunday + My Week In Photos

  1. TrueBeautyU

    I’ve been neglecting my workouts this week! Boo! 😦 And I’ve been eating more sweets than I should. Double Boo! 😦 Being too busy and lack of motivation is a bad combination!
    But tomorrow starts a new week and a new opportunity to do better! Hooray!
    That salad looks seriously good! Great tip on dipping fork into dressing instead of smoothering the whole salad!


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