Happy Halloween(!), well…almost!

I love Halloween…like more than Christmas or my birthday or any other holiday combined. I just love the spirit of things, the costumes, the creative goodies, the fun, and all the magic of the celebration. I also love any old excuse to re-watch or re-read all of the Harry Potter films/books. Oh, and the cheesy “Monster Mash” tunes also. Because of my less than subtle obsession with Halloween, I thought it would be fun to do a few posts this month on all things Halloween. Today’s post is on unique treats you can buy, but let me know if you want one on things to make. I’ll also be posting a few on DIY Halloween decorations soon enough from things that I’ve done or am planning for this year so stay tuned and hope you enjoy this post!

Halloween Chocolates

Halloween Chocolates in Coffin Box; $24.99

You can get this awesome box of chocolates from Shari’s Berries! Doesn’t it look super festive? I really like how even though it’s chocolate, it has a colorful Halloween look to it! Also, it seems they even offer delivery (though restrictions may apply?) so that’s cool as well!

Cauldron of Fun

Cauldron of Fun; $34.99

Seriously, a whole cauldron of fun! Awesommeee. Okay, I know, I’m geeking out on Halloween candy before it’s Halloween, but really, I just love all of the creativity of these. I also think that these would make a fun gift if, say, you don’t plan on going out or doing anything special for Halloween, but you still want to make it special for your family or significant other.

slimeaid halloween treats


Okay, so I know I said these were all store bought, but I spotted this one and thought it looked really cool and easy to make! It would be really cool to make if you plan on having some kind of Halloween event or party, right?

Edible Halloween cupcake toppers - MONSTERS - Fondant cake decorations Halloween Cupcakes  (6 pieces)

Monster Cupcake Toppers; $16

These look really adorable for anyone holding a kids’ party, no?

FALL HALLOWEEN Party Favors Barley Sugar Hard Candy Lollipops Suckers Gift

Halloween Candy Lollipops; $15.99

I think these are a great idea if you want to give trick-or-treaters a unique treat and they look really pretty and delicious!

Day of the Dead Halloween Chocolate Skulls

Day of the Dead Skull Chocolate Lollipops; $3.50

I love this idea! These look amazing and they come in 3 different varieties: Red Fire, Barcelona and Leche. Red Fire features Mexican chilis and spices, cinnamon and dark chocolate. Barcelona is a mix of smoked almonds, sea salt and milk chocolate and Leche is a mix of pink Himalayan salt with deep milk chocolate. All 3 are gluten free so this is a great choice for anyone with a gluten intolerance / allergy or someone who wants to experience more exotic, gourmet Halloween treats!

Hogwarts and Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes Party table labels, Perfect for any Harry Potter Party

Harry Potter Party Treats; $36

I don’t think this post would be complete without featuring a few Harry Potter treats!

Personalizable 15 Piece Halloween Cookie Assortment with FREE Black Cat Tote

Halloween Cookie Assortment; $34.99

This super adorable cookie assortment would make a great gift and this company offers delivery so you may be able to send it to your loved ones and surprise them with it on Halloween!


Halloween Ring Pops; $12.96

I think this one is a fantastic idea to give out to trick-or-treaters on Halloween and it’s only $13 + shipping for a 48ct. box!

EEEK Candy Corn Limited Edition Jar Cakes - 4 pack- HALLOWEEN Shipper

Candy Corn Jar Cake 4 Pack; $32

This just looks delicious and would be great for anyone planning to spend the night in with a few friends!

Vegan Chocolate Skulls with almonds and sea salt

Vegan Chocolate Skulls with Almonds & Sea Salt; $8

This is a great choice for those who are vegetarian or vegan. Plus, they look delicious! Definitely a healthier option for those trying to stay mindful this Halloween.

Halloween cake pops

Halloween Cake Pops; $30

This is another great idea for party favors and they’re offered in a variety of types including zombies, mummies, ghosts and pumpkins. You can also pick the flavor of cake and frosting that you’d like! This one is $30 for 1 dozen.

A  Wizarding World Custom Care Package - Sent by Owl Post - Pre chosen Items

Wizarding World Harry Potter Custom Care Package; $100

I’ve actually purchased this care package from this company a few times before; once for a Harry Potter Christmas gift swap and another time I bought one for my boyfriend for his birthday. I think both went really well and were well liked! It comes with your choice of all sorts of goodies featured in the Harry Potter films and books, plus a whole lot of decorative touches that HP fans will really appreciate and enjoy! I highly recommend this one! Also, this company carries a variety of other cool HP items, including a Hogwarts letter replica (in case you have an 11 yr old HP fan you want to surprise!), potion bottle replicas and a variety of other fun things for kids and fans alike.

What are your favorite treats to enjoy on Halloween or around Autumn / Fall?

Let me know in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “13 Unique Halloween Treats to Try!

  1. healthyfrenchie

    I really like the caldron! Halloween was not very popular in Europe until a few years ago, so I guess I discovered the whole holidays a bit late to really enjoy it… Mardis-Gras however was huge and I relished the chance to play dress up!

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Me too! 🙂 Crazy I know its only really super popular here, but I do love the holiday. Never celebrated Mardi Gras before, but I would love to if I could do it in New Orleans. I hear they have some cool events! x

      1. healthyfrenchie

        I heard that too! Or be in Rio for it, or Venice! They all have amazing celebration!
        It was more low key at home! We just played dress-up and had a parade in the street. Also, since it is just before Lent (I think) people take advantage of that day to eat a ton, hence the name Fat-tuesday! Traditionally french doughnuts are made (yummy!)

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      thank you! I love HP so of course I would haha. It is a great custom pack as a gift for people who are fans. such a treat! Lol the slimeade is a lot of fun. delicious too 😉

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  3. f00dventures

    I love the up themed cauldron. Ill have to keep that in mind for a Christmas present for Edward. Thanks for all the cool Halloween treats! They all look amazing and delicious!

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