With Fall in full swing and Winter well on it’s way, it can be difficult transitioning your healthy eating from Summer to the colder months, but that doesn’t mean you need to drop off the deep end in terms of diet. With a few tweaks and fine tuning, you’ll be able to swing through this lovely season with everything you need to keep your health and fitness goals on track and your weight in check. Here are some tips I’ve found helpful over the past few years!

Freeze Out of Season Fruits & Veggies

Do you love berries as much as I do? I’m the kind of girl who wants a smoothie mid November, I’m just saying. So, what I do is I freeze all the fruits and veggies I know I’m going to want to eat in the fall/winter, but that isn’t available. This helps me stay away from other unhealthy alternatives, especially since I’d rather eat berries or enjoy a smoothie than eat all the junk that everyone makes during this time.

Eat Fresh in Season

Another important thing to do, not just for weight loss, but for healthy, clean eating is to eat seasonally. The fall and winter months are all about squashes, deep green leaf varieties, and root veggies. You would be surprised at what’s actually in season. There are still quite a bit of options at your disposal. To find out what’s available and in season where you live, check here.Β Some of you may be able to even find local farmer’s markets, but for some of you, that may not be an option so try your best to get what you can as local as possible.

Winter Workouts

This is soo hard for me! When it gets cold outside, all I want to do is cuddle up and read a book, but I know I’ll be pissed off if I let the entire season go by without reaching my goals so instead I’ll be working on getting up early to go for morning jogs and completing Insanity workouts. If the idea of doing a straightforward workout like that makes you sick, think seasonally! You can go hiking, snowboarding (if possible), or simply get in some fitness by hitting up your local ice skating rink to get in the winter spirit. That way, it’s fun and doesn’t feel like a workout.

Catch Your zZz’s

With time falling back an hour, you should be getting plenty of sleep, but make sure you get at least 7-10 hours of sleep per night. It really depends from person to person how much you will need to feel rested, but that’s the average amount. It’s super important to get enough sleep if you want to stay on track with healthy eating and your workouts. Research shows that a lack of sleep can lead to overeating in order to counter balance your sense of fatigue so get some sleep when you need to!

Enjoy the Skinny Versions of Your Winter & Fall Favorites

I know, fall and winter is a time where all of us want to enjoy warm, sweet treats, delicious sweet drinks, and all that jazz. You totally can, too; just make some tweaks to your favorites and make them at home for healthier, low calorie versions that will taste just as good! Personally, I’ve been getting a lot of my skinny dessert/ sweet drink favorites from SkinnyMs.Com. She offers so many amazing recipes, but they’re all done “Skinny.” They are delicious too!

Practice Portion Control

This may or may not be a no brainer, but practice portion control when it comes to indulging in what you like. I don’t really believe in deprivation, especially because it always seems to lead me to binge which is never good. Instead, I practice easy portion control by eating out of small bowls and on small plates all the time. I also try to eat with chopsticks at times because I find it helps me slow down, be mindful and savor food so my body has more time to tell me I’m full and I’m less likely to overeat. You don’t have to do all that, but certainly the small plate idea has worked for me really well. I even do it at restaurants! Waiters/waitresses alike have given me seriously odd looks when I semi-snap at them to leave the appetizer plate on the table and not to give me a big plate, but it works. Smaller plates trick your brain into thinking you’re eating more than you really are while bigger plates will make your mind feel obligated to eat more. Stick with smaller plates and bowls and you won’t really have to think about it. You’ll instinctively eat less because your mind thinks you’re eating more than you really are. Personally, I think small plates and bowls makes eating more fun anyway, but that’s just me.

What do you do to stay healthy during the Fall & Winter months?


14 thoughts on “How To Easily Maintain Healthy Eating Habits Through Fall / Winter

  1. Alia

    Great suggestions! I stockpiled so many blueberries and strawberries this summer! I also love having fresh berries in my shakes in the winter months. Of course, now I’m running out of freezer space!

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Thank you! I know I remember your post πŸ˜€ Haha entire freezer full of berries πŸ˜‰ x

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I totally agree! Plus, it’s less likely to be pumped full of gas to make it “ripe” by the time it arrives from another country to your country. Just saying. lol x

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  3. tribalfaerie

    Great tips! I have trouble staying in shape in the winter. With so muchs snow about I get really unmotivated.
    Love the tip on freezing fruits in the summer so they are good for winter smoothies. Will definitely do that next year.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Thank you πŸ™‚ Glad you like them! I always have trouble when it’s chilly and I want warm foods because I tend to turn toward unhealthy choices. We just have to remember there are healthy ones available also and to exercise some mindfulness and portion control when we want to indulge. x

  4. huajingblogs

    I find it so hard not to overdose on Carbs, my body cries out Carbs Carbs, but portion size control is so important. Too often we eat too quickly leaving a want for more. Thank you for great tips πŸ™‚

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Lol yeah I know what you mean! Carbs are a huge part of my culture, but I just try to think, instead of telling myself I can’t have carbs, I just tell myself, I must eat this certain amount of fruits and veggies. That way, I’ll naturally eat less carbs, but I don’t feel deprived. Glad you enjoyed the post πŸ˜€ x

  5. Lilly Sue

    I will be hopefully doing some workouts at my house with weights….I also love going to yoga classes πŸ™‚ This winter I bought a snowboarding pass too so that should help with my working out! I just saw this running group too that runs 4 miles every Wednesday and then they get pasta, salad and bread and a discount on beer! πŸ™‚ Sounds like a good incentive for me.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Sounds like a fantastic plan! Thanks for sharing your ideas and commenting! Everyone always has good ideas. They help me too x

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