Happy Monday Everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and is enjoying a nice Monday.

I’ve discovered (or re-discovered, as it were) a newfound love for Coffee Art or Latte Art. I’ve been watching the amazing work of barristas on YouTube all weekend long, ever since I began watching this Korean drama called Coffee Prince (which is really good, btw!). Basically it’s a romance that takes place in a coffee shop (mostly) and has to do with the main male lead pretending to be gay and dating another guy…only the guy is a girl pretending to be a guy so she can get more decent pay as a part-timer to support her family.

So, ever since this damn show, I am scouring online to find an affordable espresso machine so I can make my own espresso, lattes and latte art. It just looks amazing! And my rationalization is that my drinking more coffee will help me get up earlier in the morning and get my workouts done in the AM. Yep, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it! LOL.

You & Me Anthracite


[Click the Image to see more info on their site]

I’ve just discovered this adorably small espresso machine too(!), but the only issue is I don’t know if it has a milk frother/steamer (?) on it so not sure if this is the best one to purchase, but I love how tiny it is!

Anyone else have the same obsession with coffee art and espresso?

If so, recommendations and advice you can offer on how to learn to do latte art and all that is much appreciated!!

8 thoughts on “My Newfound Obsession With Coffee Art

  1. f00dventures

    That is the most adorable little gadget. Love it! I work in a coffeehouse with a coffee press and heavy duty espresso machine (with a steamer). It took some getting used to but it’s actually pretty fun to use. I loooove the smell off coffee but can’t stand the taste lol plus my body can’t handle espresso. I made a 12 oz drink with a shot of espresso, took five sips, and felt like I could have run a marathon. Yeah that was the first and last time I Will ever drink espresso hah I’ve never thought of doing coffee art though. Ooh if I ever get some down time at work I may have to try that

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I know I love the adorable little machine! Think I may get it now lol . Yeah coffee makes me jittery, but I want to build an immunity so I can make lattes everyday with my machine ahaha. def take pics if you do some coffee art!! x

      1. Snow

        Yup I went for a barrister course last year and got taught. I uploaded some stuff that I’ve done on my facebook page you can go have a look 😀

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