I’m always thrilled to be nominated for awards by fellow bloggers. It is a really lovely honor and feels great to be recognized for my hard work and passion. I really appreciate it, so specials thanks to D @SweetJellyBean for nominating me for the So Sweet Blog Award and also to Hina @BeautyWidBrainz for nominating me for the Inspiring Blog Award. It means a lot to me!

So Sweet Blog Award

(5) Nominated Bloggers: 

  1. EverydayAdorable
  2. PeachMilkyTea
  3. RaRaReid
  4. FashionNoodles
  5. ChrystaloveVintage

Inspiring Blog Award 

Answer the Following Questions:

  • What clothing item makes you feel at your best? workout clothing or skinny jeans, hoodie and boots.
  • When are you most energetic? Morning/noon/evening? Evening, hands down.
  • Time to kick back and relax! What’s your pick-me-up food/drink? Drink – jasmine green tea with aloe . Food – spicy tofu or some kind of fruits or veggies.
  • Your favorite kind of chocolate?
    Godiva, dark.
  • To follow-up on that, what’s your favorite pastime? too many to name.
  • What sound do you love? holy type music, like orchestras and piano. I love a lot of soundtracks. Right now I’m obsessed with the Like Crazy OST. The movie was fantastic, btw!
  • If you could pack your bags and leave right now, what country or city would you go to? London, UK, Paris, or Sweden.
  • There’s an album called “soundtrack to your life”, what songs have to be on it?

My Life OST

  1. First Day of My Life (Bright Eyes)
  2. Spice Up Your Life (Spice Girls)
  3. Not Listening (Papa Roach)
  4. Immigrant Song (Karen O, Trent Reznor, Atticus Ross)
  5. Be My Escape (Relient K)
  6. Electric Daisy Violin (Lindsey Stirling)
  7. Dead Hearts (Stars)
  8. We Move Lightly (Like Crazy OST / Dustin O’Halloran)
  9. Fragile (Like Crazy OST / Dustin O’Halloran)
  10. Dead Man’s Party (Oingo Boingo)
  • Do you have any bad habits? Smarties addiction, bad at getting up early, and nail biting
  • What’s one habit others do that you absolutely can’t stand? Carelessness, Inconsideration, and Lying.


10 thoughts on “Blogger Awards! – So Sweet & Inspiring!

  1. f00dventures

    Aw thank you for another nomination. I feel so bad because I think I have like 5 award nominations that I still haven’t responded to. I prefer to do those posts on the computer but since I’m on a break from grad school I seriously haven’t even turned the computer on in like weeks lol I’m living off of My iPad which is really only good for doing short, recipe posts but nothing major. Anyway, thank you so much for all of the nominations (past and present). Even though I haven’t responded to them I truly appreciate them all 🙂

    P.s. I used to loooove smarties when I was a kid. Haven’t had them in forever!

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