Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m back again with my favorites for winter, but this time it’s for beauty, and I’m featuring another one of my favorite blogger’s picks as well!

I hope you enjoy!

[Please Note – Click the product name links for full reviews]

Suvana Honey and Paw Paw Balm 

This is an amazing balm for healing, but I love it for healing and hydrating chapped lips! Organic and filled with top notch ingredients, this one is a must-have for me when the weather turns windy and cold.

Suti CLEANSE Organic Balm

love this cleansing balm! I am pretty sure it’s my favorite one…ever. It’s very hydrating, but it doesn’t leave any oily feeling onces rinsed off and dried. Your skin will simply feel renewed, hydrated and soft. Something to keep in mind with this one is that you’ll get more out of it if you massage it into your face for about a minute or so before rinsing.

Alpha-H Liquid Gold

I recently discovered this one, but my love for Alpha-H has been plastered across this blog since I discovered them a few months ago! They seriously are amazing and super effective! This product is no different. It applies like a toner. You use a cotton pad to apply and leave on overnight. You only use it once every other day, but when you do, you use it alone. Using other products with it will diminish it’s effectiveness so if you can’t resist, try to apply it right before bed so you can just go to sleep right away. It’s totally worth it because your skin will look brighter, clearer and more even toned over time when you use this consistently.

And Now…

My Featured Blogger for Ask A Blogger:

Meet D from SweetJellyBean!

[Side Note – LOVE this photo of her! So artsy :-D]

Here Are Her Top 3 Beauty Essentials For Winter!

[For D’s full product reviews, click the links below]

Suti CLEANSE Organic Balm 

Suti Cleanse Balm (recommended by Tianna) is perfect when you have sensitive skin as its very gentle and nourishing, not to mention how lovely the smell is.

Klairs Supple Preparation Facial Toner

Klairs Toner is a winner for me due to the fact that it has this cooling effect and makes your skin feel refreshed without drying it out.

Klairs Rich Moist Soothing Serum

Now this is a one of a kind serum, since it looks like water with much thicker consistency and it’s not greasy. It’s also very moisturising for a serum so it’s a big plus since sometimes I use it on its own.

What are your Beauty Essentials for Winter?


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