Thank you SO much to Sweet Jelly Bean who sent this to me late August and sorry for the lateness in posting about it; I’ve been swamped in the blog world and my own life and haven’t had the time until now.

These pics were taken the second day I received this so much less of the balm is left now! I think I’ve gone through a 1/3 of it since I first received it!

It’s such a lovely lip balm; really smoothing, softening and hydrating. Plus, it’s all natural, smells delicious and I love the super cute, feminine packaging!

Thanks again Sweet Jelly Bean; you are awesome and you should know it! 😉

I really love this lip balm; it’s very me, somehow.

If you haven’t checked out her awesome, super informative and helpful blog, please do.

You can see her latest post on Blogging Pink for October’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Here!


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