Changes These Small Habits for Big Results with SarahDoesFitness!

You can lose the weight you want by changing small habits for big results! Sarah will show you how ! 😉

Fit Cupcake

Whenever we think about taking the steps necessary to a healthier lifestyle it can often feel super daunting.

I’m never going to be able to eat pizza again!

I’ll have to run ELEVENTY miles a day!!

What if this won’t work for me? It probably won’t ::picks up donut::

But that’s not true, AT ALL. Lifestyle changes are about just that, habits that form more habits. A good habit forms and sticks with us just as much as bad one does. THAT should be inspiring. Sure, you will have to work hard and it won’t always be easy but it WILL work. Consistency works and time will go by no matter what. A week ago you might have been thinking the same thing and look, it’s already Thursday again.

I know Jillian Michael’s stresses that you can’t just take the stairs every day and suddenly reach your goals, and she’s…

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