Mickey mouse nail art viny decal stickers set of 25

Mickey Mouse Nail Art Vinyl Decal Stickers – Set of 25 – $2.75

For some reason, I’ve been super obsessed with nail art stickers lately.

As you may know (from past posts), I’m not really all that adept at doing my nails really, but all the nail art trends this season have got me stuck on it anyway.

Plus, these adorable nail decals that I found on Etsy from SuperModCustomz make me believe I might actually be able to create pretty nail looks, if only with these cute little nail stickers!

Here Are Some Of My Favorites:

Skull And Cross Bones nail art decal sticker set of 20

Skull And Cross Bones Nail Art Decal Sticker – Set of 20 – $5

I know, I am probably a little old for skull & cross bones, but whatever. I love pirates and I’ll continue to do what I want, no matter how ridiculous I may seem to onlookers!

Royal crown Nail art decal sticker set of 20

Royal Crown Nail Art Decal Stickers – Set of 20 – $2.50

These adorable little crowns are perfect for that “doll look” that seems to be really popular lately! Plus, I think it would be super cute to add little gems to the top of the crown for added bling.

The Walking Dead Zombie nail art decal sticker set of 50

The Walking Dead Zombie Nail Art Decal Sticker – Set of 25 – $2.75

So I just finished watching all of The Walking Dead Season 2 on DVD this past weekend and this one just seems appropriate! Plus, with Halloween on the way, I’m all in the mood to spook up my fashion haha.

Lightning nail art decal sticker set of 50

Lightning Nail Art Decal Sticker – Set of 50 – $5

Forever a fan of Harry Potter, this is one of my favorites! I will definitely be picking these up and doing some sort of Harry Potter nail look…or attempting to do one,  I should say haha.

Batman nail art decal sticker set of 50

Batman Nail Art Decal Sticker – Set of 50 – $5

Ironically, this is how I stumbled onto these decals. Yes, I was searching Batman on Etsy because I’m geeky like that, but this is AWESOME. I will be painting my nails yellow and applying these. SOON, my friends.

Star Trek nail art decal sticker set of 20

Star Trek Nail Art Decal Stickers – Set of 20 – $5

Don’t you judge me! I love all things Star Trek & Twilight Zone, no matter how uncool they may be. Actually, if you’re sub 20, you might not even know what The Twilight Zone is (See – Here! – if you don’t ;-)). It’s awesome to be nerdy; the sooner we all accept this, the better! …And you know, the cooler I can appear to be!

Eiffel Tower nail art decal sticker set of 50

Eiffel Tower Nail Art Decal Stickers – Set of 50 – $5

As someone who took French (and tutored it) in college, this is a favorite! I wish they had little macaron decals to go with this so I could just paint my nails pink, apply these and call it a day. I also think this would look adorable in gray, lilac or pastel green!

What do you guys think of these?

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.


12 thoughts on “Adorable Nail Art Vinyl Decals from SuperModCustomz On Etsy!

  1. f00dventures

    That is so funny you did a post in this because just last night I was looking on eBay at various nail stickers lol like you, I don’t typically do my nails (except my toes in the summer) because it never lasts on my fingernails. Plus, I’m horrible at doing my nails. I think I could manage stickers though. So much easier and quicker than nail polish! I love all of the stickers you mentioned.


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