Awhile back, I read a post from Artsy Architette (can’t find her exact post on it – girl, if you’re reading this, please comment me the link so I can update the post with the link!!) about how to get the most out of your beauty products, especially products that come in tubes!

Ever since reading that, I thought, I have to try that! so when I could no longer squeeze product out of my Max Green Alchemy Skin Rescue Body Cream, I knew it was time to try it out for myself!

Following the simple steps she laid out in her post, I first cleaned a container to put all the leftover product in. I used an old night jelly jar, but whatever you have on hand will be fine. Then, after that I cut open the top of the body cream tube and scraped out all the excess into the jar and voila!

Super easy! Plus, there is a ridiculous amount of excess product left in the bottom of the tube. I actually feel like I’ve been committing a crime, leaving all my tubes with 1/8 of product in them simply because I couldn’t squeeze it out anymore!

This is a fantastic way to not only get your money’s worth out of your beauty products, but also to make sure you actually use it all up!

Thanks again to the lovely Artsy Architette for introducing me to this and I hope you all can try this yourself so that you also get the most out of your beauty products.

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