Recently, I was sent this incredible kit from Roques Oneil and although it’s a bit on the expensive side, I really think it’s worth the cost!

Created by the lovely Michelle Roques-Oneil , voted one of the top 10 aromatherapists in the world by Vogue magazine, this woman has over 25 years experience in aromatherapy and sought to create luxurious spa products with quality ingredients that not only treat and care for your skin, but also balance and calm the mind as well.

Here are the contents of the Discovery Spa Kit which feature deluxe sizes of all the Roques Oneil products. If you’ve never tried Roques Oneil, I definitely recommend this kit because it’s a great way to try all their products without breaking the bank ( £32.00 ), but still getting a good amount of product and this little kit offers a sense of spa luxury to it as well.

I first tried all of the products together a few Saturdays ago and it really felt like I was treating myself to a nice, yet luxurious experience!

Firstly, my favorite product is, hands down, the Cherish Skin Repair Serum. It is so softening and easily absorbed into the skin, a little goes a long way, the scent is absolutely divine, and I was able to use this both on my body and my face with much success. I really love this repair serum SO much. It’s the first serum I’ve tried that I could use on my body that didn’t feel too dry or too oily, but just the perfect consistency. Also, when paired with the Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence, this serum works especially well on dry skin. I feel like it would even work well for those with skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis because it is so gentle, nourishing and does not strip the skin at all.

Next, I tried the Restore Aura Spray which I initially thought was going to be one of those typical “mind calming” sprays, but which actually turned out to be really lovely and yes, actually quite calming to the senses. Much to my surprise, this comes out in a nice fine mist rather than just a ‘squirt you in the face’ type spray so it really feels calming, gentle and the scent is subtle so you can smell it without it feeling like too much. I also tried the Boost Hair & Body Wash which was my least favorite mostly because I just feel like you really can’t treat the hair and body the same. It works decently enough, but my damaged hair needs a bit more nourishment than what this seems to offer me. I love it as a gentle body wash, but I feel like the Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence does a fantastic job without even needing this. Lastly, I used the Himalayan Detox Bath Salts which are really lovely bath salts which a nice calm scent as well, though this is not something that I think will stand out among the line.

The real super stars of this line are truly the Skin Cherish Repair Serum, Equilibrium Bath & Shower Essence and the Restore Aura Spray which all work so well together and really help to balance the skin out and make it glow in that super healthy sort of way. I am seriously considering picking these 3 up in the full sized versions, especially the serum and shower essence because they made my normally skin look like someone else’s! Together, they truly work some kind of magic to balance your skin and make it look it’s absolute best and I can only credit the brilliance of their founder, Michelle Roques-Oneil, for achieving such a lovely balance of wonderful products.

I highly recommend this kit as one kit to definitely try out. It’s so worth it! Although these are deluxe sample size types, they come in beautiful black glass bottles (except the Boost Hair & Body Wash – this one comes in a squeeze plastic bottle for some reason) and look really lovely. Not only that, but I’ve managed to use these all for a few weeks before running out and I still have a bit of the Restore Aura Spray left despite using it on a pretty daily basis. Believe me when I say you won’t regret trying this one out, though your wallet may suffer once every 3-4 months when you’ll want to re-stock!

Check out the Discovery Spa Kit – Here!

Check out the entire line – Here! 

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Roques Oneil for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own irregardless of how I obtain products.


3 thoughts on “Rejuvenate & Renew Yourself With The Roques Oneil Discovery Spa Kit!

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I totally agree! I really love it! I’m thinking of def. replenishing this in the full sizes once I save up a bit for them. They are truly so nice and even though the full sizes are expensive, you get quite a bit for the price so it should last you awhile. Also, the ingredients are fantastic. I am thinking of buying a few of these for xmas gifts x thanks for commenting

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