Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and a nice Labor Day!

I spent the entire weekend near the beach with weather not going above 80F so that was fantastic to wake up and not be sweating for once! (TMI maybe?) I also tried macarons for the first time ever – they are delicious, by the way – and we enjoyed the rest of the weekend by grilling and watching a marathon of Once Upon A Time. All in all, a really awesome and rejuvenating weekend for me! Anyway, so on with my goals for this month and first, we can see how I’ve followed through on last month’s aims.

Here Are My Goals from August & How I’ve Measured Up:

  • Keep Running 10 miles or more per week. I made good on this for the first 2 weeks of the month, but since I picked up Insanity, I’ve been doing that pretty exclusively with the exception of some yoga and the random workout I did this weekend with my boyfriend’s brother in-law.
  • Save Money. I did manage to save a few hundred dollars this month! Although it’s not as much as I would like, it’s certainly a start!
  • More Greens and Fruits and all That Jazz. We’ve been consistently eating salads for lunch and bringing fruits and veggies for snacks as well. Although this weekend was possibly the worst I’ve eaten all month, I will forgive myself because I’ve been eating pretty well for most of the time. 
  • Meditate Nightly and Relax. This is one that I’ve just completely skipped out on. Not intentionally, but I’ve been so exhausted from Insanity workouts that I’ve just passed out after showering. I will say that a few nights a week I’ve been taking baths and relaxing so at least that’s a small start!
  • Stay Positive, Take Time for Myself and Smile More Often. I am really proud of myself. I’ve been catching myself mid negative self-talk and giving myself more positive thought replacements. I think it’s a really great thing because although I’m not completely void of negative thoughts (will anyone ever be anyway?), I have been doing really well with not letting it take over my life and my mind and instead, turning it into positive motivation. 
  • Stay the Course and Don’t Give Up! I’ve been doing really well on this one! I’ve stayed pretty consistent! Although we’ve had our cheat days and obviously this past weekend was seriously more of a cheat weekend than one single day, all the rest of the time has been healthy choices and today we’re back on track so I think that’s pretty great. 

My Goals for September:

  • Finish Insanity Workouts All the Way Through. Each time we work out, we’ve worked really hard and only been able to get through 25 minutes of the 38 minute workouts so far. That being said, the workouts are extremely difficult if you’ve never done them before and we’ve certainly improved as we started the plan only being able to complete 15 minutes of it. Being up to 25 minutes feels like an accomplishment, but I do hope to eventually work up to powering through this entire workout. 
  • Stay consistent with Insanity All the Way Through the 60 Day Plan and Beyond. I have a tendency to drop off of workout plans and workouts in general after a few weeks or so, but this is one that I really want to complete. It’s like one of those things you just feel the need to prove to yourself. So I don’t want to drop off this time; I want to tune in, stay on and push through to the end so I can say I’ve done it. I want my free Insanity shirt damnit!
  • Eat well – lots of greens, fruits, grains, and portioned meals like the 5 meals per day plan outlined in Insanity. We’ve been pretty good on this thus far, but I just like to keep it on here as a reminder to myself and to keep in mind. Healthy eating is so important and especially after the weekend we had, it’s really important to get back on track and stay consistent with healthy foods. 
  • Save Money. We would like to move into our own place by January/February of the new year so we’re saving up a lot. We’ve had trouble saving so far, though, so I want to keep this in mind to save more and be more conscious and budget our cash more consistently. Not only for moving out, but also for trips, emergencies, etc. 
  • Stay Positive & Motivated In All Areas of Life. I’m just like everyone else. Sometimes I get discouraged, feel negative and let down, or otherwise just unmotivated in life. This is to remind me that I need to stay positive and push through obstacles. I really have so many goals in life that I want to achieve so this helps me stay conscious of what I’m working towards – the bigger picture, if you will. 
  • Rise Earlier In the Mornings. I am soo not a morning person. I need hell to freeze over to get up properly in the morning and I’m just not that pleasant about it. I want to work on getting up earlier in the mornings and either doing yoga or getting Insanity out of the way first thing or something just to get me moving and start my day off right. I feel like if I do this enough times, maybe I’ll transform into one of those people for whom getting up is now second nature. No word on how realistic this is, but I’m out to try anyway!
  • Make Extra Money. I would ideally like to make some extra money so I can save more, pay off balances on credit cards, and generally be more comfortable. Whether that means a second job or something, I don’t really know, but I’ll be figuring this one out as I go.
  • Stay The Course & Don’t Give Up! Same as last month, I want to power through, stay consistent and accountable, and reach my goals. 

What are your goals for September?

8 thoughts on “My Goals for September

  1. Kajsa Josephine

    Haha, eating healthy is hard 😉 Whenever chocolate is on the table…well let´s leave it at that 😉 My goal is to workout 2-3 times (or even more) every week. I have been consistent so far, and I hope I can keep that consistency.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I agree, but it’s worth it. I love Chocolate, but I try to eat mostly dark chocolate! I don’t really deprive myself of it as I love it too much haha. I’ve been working out 3 x week but I’d like to work up to 5-6 x per week. 3x is a great goal though because its achievable and not too overwhelming. I’m sure you’re working hard and doing great ; just stay consistent and if you slip up, don’t give up. Just get back on track and vow to do better in the future. x

  2. healthyfrenchie

    I’m about to write about my own goals and I love yours! I think it’s great that you are keeping some of them going 🙂
    And all the best with Insanity! Those workouts ARE tough but I love how you can see progress quickly

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      awesome! Can’t wait to see them 🙂 Thanks for inspiring me to do these posts; I really think they have had such a great effect on my success. Thanks for the well wishes! They are tough, but I’ve always wanted to be strong and to push through it. It’s just another thing to show myself I’m stronger than I think and I can do whatever I put to my mind. Also, quick progress is certainly a plus of this, but I def feel its more than that for me x

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  4. wheetnee

    I need to save money too! Haha, it’s so hard! 😦
    I should run too..my exercise plan is …..blank 😦 You make me want to motivate myself!! Good luck on all your goals!
    PS- following you on twitter now! 🙂


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