Recently, I was sent some small samples of the Malin+Goetz line of skincare and I was pretty excited because they are made here in the USA! If you’re unfamiliar, Malin and Goetz is a basic skincare line that utilized the experience of 2 men working in business and marketing to create an eco friendly line that would work even for the most sensitive skin types.

Ever since the economy meltdown, I am looking for new brands made in the USA for everything – clothes, shoes, food, and, of course, beauty, but it’s difficult what with all the corporation out sourcing to every other country in the world, but our own, to find things that are actually American made. It’s a really shame, in my opinion, because we used to be completely self-sufficient (think 1950’s), but now we are so dependent and I want us to be more self-sufficient. So, anyway, it’s just one more reason for me to get behind this skincare brand 😉

Check Out What I’ve Tested:

grapefruit face cleanser.

Grapefruit Face Cleanser

This cleanser contains .5 % grapefruit extract and loads of amino acids for hydration and skin cell renewal, helping your skin to heal, stay calm, balanced and moisturized.

They also say it’s gentle enough for rosacea prone skin types as well as dry and breakout prone.

Personally, I like this as a gentle basic cleanser. It certainly gets the job done! It’s light, calming, and non-drying. It includes some nice ingredients as well, though I wish they had a more natural formula.

If you’re someone who wants a nice gentle all-in-one makeup removing, skin cleaning type cleanser, this is a nice one to try out.

jojoba face scrub.

Jojoba Face Scrub

A nice and gentle face scrub, I enjoy the jojoba meal in this one because it feels like I’m getting scrubbing action without the irritation. This also includes their “Amino Acid Technology” so it’s meant to help rebuild your skin as well as hydrate. I don’t know how much of that I got as I was only able to use this a few times, but I do enjoy the scrub nonetheless.

spf 15 face moisturizer.

SPF 15 Face Moisturizer

This is a really gentle face sunscreen. If you’re someone who constantly breaks out from typical sunscreen formulas (like me), this may be worth a go. I really like that it’s gentle and light. It’s not heavy or sticky at all, though it does have a faint hint of that typical sunscreen smell which some may or may not mind. I personally like it, though I prefer natural physical sunscreens (think zinc oxide) which don’t give off the scent (it comes from chemical sunscreens like octinoxate and avobenzone). Nonetheless, it offers both UVA and UVB sunscreen protection as well as their “Fatty Acid Absorption Technology” which is said to hydrate, balance and protect from free radical and sun damage all at once. This was my favorite product from them!

vitamin e shaving cream.

Vitamin E Shaving Cream

This is a super nice shaving cream. It doesn’t get super foamy or puffed up or anything, but it’s nice and milky and a little foamy which works well. Enriched with vitamin E and menthol, this is both hydrating and cooling to use so it helps prevent razor burn. It also includes their “Amino Acid Hydration Technology” as well so it works to prevent the ashy dryness usually caused from shaving with bar soap. I really like that it includes vitamin E and their hydration technology because it does seem to prevent razor burn. I was only able to use this once to shave my legs, but it was to really nice effect. I’m not much for buying shaving cream, but I may just try this one out. It’s really nice to use and it does help calm skin after shaving.

Overall, I really like this as an American made skincare brand. It’s really great for people who don’t want anything too complicated, but just want something basic that works well because this does. I do think they could be more natural and green with their formulas, but as far as effectiveness and gentleness goes, Malin+Goetz have got you covered.

Check Out Their Products – Here. 

Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than the samples that were sent to me from Malin+Goetz for review. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own irregardless of how I obtain products.

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