What’s In My Makeup Bag?

Pardon, the crappy photos!

I had to take this with my cell phone which, regrettably, has a pretty crap camera on it, but anyway, this is what’s in my makeup bag.

I loveee these kinds of posts and after seeing fellow bloggers Sweet Jelly Bean (see her post – here!) and Hua Jing Li (see her post – here!) both post on this, I figured it’s time to take this out of my drafts and finish it so I can go ahead and publish for the world to see.

Anyhow, I hope you enjoy! 🙂

This is my current makeup; my mom bought it for me when we went to Las Vegas together earlier this year. It’s by the brand Fluff and you can find it here for only $15.

The sheer amount of product I carry around in my bag every day really has me re-evaluating the amount of stuff I actually need. Putting it in a post like this really puts my whole cosmetic crutch into perspective haha. Needless to say, I’ll be cleaning out my makeup bag!

1. Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powder – This is a face powder that I make and have posted on before. I actually offer this in a plain twist and lock sifter jar, but I’ve been carrying mine around in this new sifter powder thing just to try it out. It has a powder puff attached so instead of sifting it straight out, you buff it onto your face with the powder puff. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but it simplifies things! Anyway, I love the powder I make. It always calms my skin down. 🙂

2. Shoe Mirror – I honestly don’t know where you could buy this. I’ve had it for a long time; I think I originally got it from my mom when I was like 15 so I don’t even know where she originally bought it. I really like it anyway, it’s a really nice dual mirror compact.

3. Note Card? – I made this from a 3X5 note card. I got the idea from this video I saw a couple of years ago from Michelle Phan before she was a celebrity. It’s a seriously handy trick though; you use it to prevent mascara from smearing your lower lashes or onto your eyelid by placing it over your eyelid or under your bottom lashes. It seriously works like a charm and it’s so cheap! To make one for yourself, just cut a square shape from any business card or note card and then cut out a shape similar to your eye shape.

4. Erbaviva Hand Cream – I love this cream to death! It seriously softens hands while hydrating and brightening them. I am addicted to applying this throughout the day. You can see my review on it – here.

5. Suti Peppermint Face Toner Spray – This stuff is a godsend if you live in a hot climate. It’s been so humid and hot here that I find myself constantly spraying my face with this for relief. It’s really cooling, it has a nice subtle minty scent, and it’s great for calming redness, irritation and breakouts. Check out my full review – here. 

6. CARGO HydraBronze Powder Bronzer – This is one of the best powder bronzers I’ve ever tried, hands down. It is so smooth, non-drying, and it doesn’t accentuate flaws at all. It doesn’t look orangey or hideous like some other bronzers I’ve tried; instead it’s a nice golden color that looks nice even on pale skin like mine. It is BOSS. See my review on it – here. 

7. Naruko Anti-Acne Tinted Sunscreen – This is such a nice tinted moisturizer replacement. It has about the same coverage as most TMs, but it feels like it does a bit more. It really seems to even out my skin tone a lot, plus it combines sunscreen, moisturizer and acne treatment into one single step, which I love..because I’m lazy like that. Lol. See my full review – here. 

8. Buffer Makeup Brush – This is my favorite makeup brush ever. It’s soft, vegan, and it’s great for applying anything from powder to foundation to blush. It’s fantastic and travel sized. It really is fantastic quality make too which I think has to do with the fact that it’s handmade by the seller on Etsy.  Sadly, I just tried to look for the link, but they don’t even sell on Etsy anymore 😦

9. Makeup Forever Eye Shadow in N101 – This is one of my favorite eye shadows that I like to use to highlight my eyes with. It has a nice golden shimmer to it even though it looks white. I’ve used it all over the place for many looks. Check out all my MUF goodies – here.

10. Lucky rock – My little brother gave this to me for good luck. I always carry it around with me.

11. MAI Couture Lavender Facial Blotting Papers – These are really great for oil blotting when I find myself getting oily midday, which is happening every day this summer it seems. These smell like lavender and are a lovely violet color. Plus, they come in a cute little booklet so I can rip one out whenever I need it which I like a lot because I hate when they come in a little envelope thing; they always end up dirty all over my purse when they’re like that.

See what I mean by re-evaluating how much crap I carry around?

I can’t believe I had to do 2 photos, but they weren’t going to fit in one so I’ve had to do 2 different ones.

1. Suvana Beauty Paw Paw & Honey Balm sample – This is amazing for chapped lips, softening lips, and it feels really nice as well. It doesn’t have a taste, flavor or even really a smell, but it works really well and it’s a lot more natural than using karmex or other toxic options and it works better than those anyway. Check out my review – here. 

2. Karen Murrell Lipstick in Carnation Mist – I have been raving about these lipsticks to literally anyone who will listen. They smell and taste just like cinnamon, which also gives some minor lip plumping action too, by the way. They have an amazingly eco friendly process in the making of these lippies and they feel like a lip balm while having some of the loveliest and most pigmented shades of lipstick I’ve tried. Love these. See my review on them – here.

3. LimeLily Cosmetics Eyeliner – Jet Black – I got this in my first ever beauty swap with Mystique from Beast and Beauty and I love it! They’re an Australian brand and while I never  actually featured it in my post as I received a LOT of awesome things, I really love it. It’s pigmented, waterproof and awesome.

4. Dior Diorshow Extase Mascara in Noir – I am all about natural. Seriously. But this just WORKS. It’s so amazing. It makes my lashes look long, lush, thick and curled even when I’ve not curled them or done anything but applied this. It rocks. Check out my original post on it – here. 

5. Neutrogena 3-in-1 Eye Concealer with SPF20 – Again, I know it’s not that natural, but it’s amazing nonetheless. It is pigmented and it has light diffusing particles so it really makes the under eye area look awake, smooth, soft, hydrated and bright. Plus, it combines eye cream, sunscreen, and concealer into one all under $10. Check out my post on it – here. 

Okay so that was a bit longer than I intended it to be, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway.

So, what’s in your makeup bag?


16 thoughts on “What’s In My Makeup Bag?

  1. huajingblogs

    Thank you for mentioning me in your post. I know what you mean about carrying too much around. My bag is always to heavy because of my make up bag. Gonna have to check out the facial toner spray for the hot days.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Of course! You guys both inspired the post so it’s only right. Haha I know I’m getting back problems from my beauty addiction . The Suti Toner is lovely and cooling! Love itt! x

  2. AJ's Mom

    OMG, you’re makeup bag is the cutest! And I love all your products! I’m saying to myself, “I want that, that, that one, and that one hahah I think if we’re neighbors, will be buying beauty products like crazy! LOL

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