My Saturday In Photos!

This morning, we got up and missed the farmer’s market (bust), but we went to Michael’s (craft store) and picked up some paints and paintbrushes. I picked up these to try and use for makeup! I know they look really rough, but they’re actually quite soft, though they’re meant for watercolor painting and calligraphy. I’ll be using them for my cosmetics just to see. They only cost me like $8 USD for both so that’s a lot less than normal makeup brushes!


After grocery shopping at Costco (massive grocery store type place if you’re not in USA) and Michael’s, we came home and it began pouring. Mind you, it’s over 100 F at the moment while it’s raining like mad. I’m enjoying it, personally, but I wish it would cool us down as well!


Cut up some fruit and cucumbers for some healthy snacks! Yummy! I recently discovered that cucumbers are extremely high in nutrients that we need so they’re great for giving you energy when you’re tired or just as a snack in between meals to get you by. Plus, I love how refreshing and crunchy these are! Aside from those, I’ve got nectarines, some clementines and blueberries!


I decided I wanted to make some tea and I picked this one up yesterday from World Market  (gourmet import type store) so I decided to try it with my own spin on it, of course! This tea is mojito mint that’s green tea imbued (anyone know what the hell that means? fancy word for infused, maybe?? ) with mint, lime and island rum, though it’s not alcoholic. Plus they come in eco friendly hemp satchets!

I steeped the tea with a little bit of honey, lemon slices and cucumber slices and then put it in the fridge to let it get cold. Then I enjoyed some on ice! That’s literally all I did and it’s delicious!

It’s not extremely sweet, though if you like it that way you can just add in more honey than me, but it is really refreshing. I added like 2 tablespoons in a large pitcher so not too much. The cucumber and mint make it super refreshing and the lemon I used gives it a tanginess to the green tea. Very yummy!

Posted this one on Instagram awhile back, but I’ve been using these Nourishing Facial Refreshers from Dairyface for a bit now, pretty weekly, and they are amazing. You have to keep them in the fridge so they’re really cooling when you put them on. I love it! Seriously so relaxing and the probiotics and herbs in them help calm your face and clear breakouts.

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I’m @StorybookBeauty!

How’s your Saturday been?

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