Post You May Have Missed In The Past Week Or So!

It’s time for another one of these posts!

I have been blogging pretty furiously for the past few weeks so I know it’s easy to miss what I post on.

That being said, I hope this helps!

Here’s What I’ve Been Up To: 

Discovered A New Natural Beauty Box Subscription! 

Lip & Cheek Natural Love!

My Top 25 Recommended Films + Asian Dramas to Watch!

Feminine Fragrance from Juliette Has a Gun!

New Header + Blog Buttons!

Natural Creamy Cleanser + Easy Exfoliation!

My Current Beauty / Fitness Playlist!

Get the SA Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powders 2 for $20! 

Tap Into Ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine with WEI Beauty!

Check out My Friend’s New Beauty Blog!

SteamCream Is Awesome & Beautiful!

WFBC Featured Blog of the Month!

Extensive Guide for Achieving Clear, Blemish Free Skin!

New Goals for August! 


11 thoughts on “Post You May Have Missed In The Past Week Or So!

  1. AJ's Mom

    I know this comment will look lost being in this post, but I just saw your buttons!!! OMG, you made three and they look so cool. I’m picking the purple one definitely. hehe Thanks, Tianna, and well done.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Lol no problem. Thanks! I’m glad you like them!! 🙂 Love yours as well! Brilliant all around! You’re always coming out with new ones. I’m like, ok how can I fit all of these on my sidebar? lol x

      1. AJ's Mom

        Thanks Tianna! Hun, that’s one thing I’ve been working on last night, how in the name of all sidebars am I going to fit all these buttons I’ve collected. I’ve been rummaging the net for answers to no avail but anywho, I will try again and I will share it. That being said, if you find a solution, let me know or us know. Would appreciate it.

      2. storybookapothecary Post author

        Haha I know right! Yeah no I haven’t solved that dilemma yet either. Maybe do some kind of a button mash up with links? I don’t know how to do that much code, but if you could make it work, you could technically put everyone in one blogger promotional place. If I could just figure out to do it and make it look pretty x

      3. AJ's Mom

        I know I want the buttons to be side by side on my sidebar but that means resizing them, although I’m not quite there yet of having to do all of them! LOL. I am still mulling over this for few days now and even started pestering my tech friend. haha, It’s fun, when you’re not the only one having this dilemma. LOL

      4. storybookapothecary Post author

        Lol pretty much. My bf is pretty tech savvy so I am always bothering him about my blog and how to do this and that. Maybe I will ask him how I can get it done! x

      1. f00dventures

        maybe at the end of each week i’ll do a “posts you may have missed”. i’m sure you’re not the only one missing out on some of the posts.

      2. storybookapothecary Post author

        I think it would be helpful! I have trouble remembering to do it every single week, but I try to do it every so often. Yeah its easy to miss them with the crappy WP reader! x

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