Top 25 Recommended Movies / Asian Dramas To Watch This Summer!

I haven’t really mentioned it much, but I LOVE movies.

Any genre, whatever, if there’s a good story involved, I will watch it.

I tried to make the list pretty varied so there’s something for everyone as I know not everyone like every genre of movie. Just a heads up, I also included some Asian dramas (Korean and Taiwanese), but you can watch them online for free for the most part. I’ve put the links below! I hope you enjoy!

(The list is from Top to to Bottom, Left to Right.)

  1. In Time With You – This is a Taiwanese drama about a woman who turns 30 and dreads the inevitable old age to come, especially everyone’s judgments about her single life, her career, etc. and seeks someone to share her life with. With her high school best friend, she faces life’s ups and downs. Don’t want to ruin the story too much so you can read the synopsis and watch the entire drama online for free – here!
  2. The Adjustment Bureau – What if your entire life was predetermined? Everything is going according to plan for one man until he meets the love of his life…but being with her is not in the plan according to the Adjustment Bureau. Check out the trailer – here!
  3. Shaolin – This is a really incredible martial arts film based on the warlords of China and its history. Warlords cruelly oppress Chinese villagers while peaceful monks attempt to make their life and the life of their people more comfortable under warlord rule. Among that, this story follows one warlord’s life after his is destroyed by his own selfish desire for power. Check out the trailer – here!
  4. The Millennium Series / Girl With the Dragon Tattoo Films – The books and movies are both awesome. Whether you read the books, watch the original Swedish films or see the new American version, all of them are awesome. If you are a woman, you will enjoy it purely for it’s message of women empowerment. You can watch the whole series of the Swedish version (in Swedish with subs) on Netflix otherwise check out the American version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo – here!
  5. Autumn’s Concerto – This is one of my favorite Taiwanese dramas. It centers on a girl who loses her father as a young child and then lives her life with her stepmother, working at a local university. There she meets the university president’s son, an arrogant boy obsessed with proving to the world how superficial women are and that they only care for money until he has a change of heart. Read the synopsis and watch it online for free – here!
  6. Dark Knight Rises (Batman series) – The last in the Batman series reboot by Christopher Nolan. If you haven’t seen the series, definitely check it out. It’s the best of the Batman movies, in my opinion. Check out the Dark Knight Rises trailer – here!
  7. Hi, My Sweetheart – This is a really cheesy romantic comedy Taiwan drama. It focuses on a girl with a bad reputation and a geeky boy attending college, posing as a poor student to protect his identity when in fact he’s a billionaire heir. They date all years of their college careers and he decides to propose to her and tell her his true identity on the night of their graduation. He waits for her, but she gets into an accident and is put in the hospital. Thinking he’s been snubbed and dumped, he holds a grudge and vows to take revenge on her and all women by becoming and attractive player of women. Read the synopsis and watch this one online for free – here!
  8. Mirrormask – An animated family film, it tells the story of a girl living life on the road as her parents run a circus, but she hates it and wants to join real life. One night she dreams of two world ruled by light and dark queens. Difficult to explain this one! Check out the trailer – here!
  9. Personal Taste – A famed architect’s daughter lives in his masterpiece of a house. She gets a guy roommate after needing to pay off debts, but what she doesn’t know is he is also an architect trying to figure out the secret brilliance of the house she lives in so he can use the ideas on his current project. Also, she thinks he’s gay, but he’s not. Confusing, hilarious drama. Check out the synopsis and drama online – here!
  10. Pan’s Labyrinth – Real life fairy tales are not all sunshine and daisies. Set in 1940’s fascist Spain, one little girl’s wishes for fairy tales to be real come true when her mother gets sick and a faun visits her in her room, informing her she is a princess, but she must first prove herself through a series of trials. See the trailer – here!
  11. Boys Over Flowers – One of my favorite Korean dramas, this one is about average girl Jan Di, a girl who is afraid of no one and who saves the life of one private schoolboy trying to commit suicide after being bullied by the F4 (four richest boy students in the school). As thanks, the private school offers her a scholarship to the school, but she soon finds herself being bullied by the cruel F4 as well, but refuses to let them see her affected and continues to stand up to them no matter what. It’s a long story, but I really enjoy it! Read the better than I can summarize synopsis and watch it free – here!
  12. The Painted Veil – Based in 1920’s-1930’s London and China, Kittie is becoming an old maid and a burden to her parents so she marries scientist, Walter, who is obviously in love with her to get away from them. Not satisfied with their marriage, she cheats on him, but they end up staying together and venturing to China to help with a cholera epidemic while also trying to repair their relationship and start fresh. See the trailer – here!
  13. Year Of the Rain – Based on the typhoon Morakot that devastated Taiwan in 2009 and left millions homeless overnight, this short drama tells the tale of one girl orphaned by the typhoon who goes to live with her aunt and uncle in order to start her life over. Check out the synopsis and watch it free – here!
  14. Eulogy – This is a dark comedy staring Zooey Deschanel and many others. A family with many brothers and sisters, their father has just passed away. They come together after many years apart to deal with the awkward funeral and his estate. Check out the funny trailer – here!
  15. The Stoning Of Soraya M. – If you’re a woman, you should watch this. It’s based on  the true story of Soraya, a woman falsely accused of adultery in Iran, the punishment of which is death by stoning. Check out the trailer – here!
  16. Anti-Trust – Prodigal programmer best friends, Teddy and Milo, are both offered high paying jobs at NURV ( think Microsoft), but only Milo takes the offer while Teddy stays in their hometown to start up his own business. After the strange murder of Teddy, Milo starts to get suspicious that his death is not what it seems. Check out the trailer – here!
  17. A Good Year – British investment banker cares only for money, but after his uncle passes away he must travel to France to settle his estate. There, he meets Fani, a hard-to-get woman and a different kind of life that has nothing to do with money. Check out the trailer – here!
  18. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – A really hilarious comedy! Peter and Sarah break up. A devastated Peter ventures to Hawaii to forget about her and pick up the pieces, but discovers she’s also there vacationing with her new British popstar boyfriend, Aldous Snow. See the trailer – here!
  19. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind – What would happen if you could erase unpleasant memories of past relationships? Clementine and Joel have broken up and Clementine decides to get her memory of their relationship erased. Joel finds out she’s had this procedure done and decides to get it done as well, but during the procedure, he changes his mind. Check out the trailer – here!
  20. R-Point – Seriously one of the scariest movies! Current day soldiers receive a distress call from R-Point, but when they get there, no one is to be found. They start seeing old fashioned looking soldiers and their soldiers disappear and then turn up dead. Don’t watch this movie at night; it seriously freaked me out LOL. Check out the trailer – here!
  21. The Lookout – Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays a guy affected by brain damage who works at a bank as a local janitor. Everything changes when he is propositioned to be the lookout and help criminals rob the bank he works at. Check out the trailer – here!
  22. 10th Kingdom – If you enjoy the show Once Upon A Time, you may like this mini series! It originally aired on NBC, but it’s now available on DVD. It’s a little cheesy and a little dated , but the creative costume and set design is awesome and the ultimate story is fantastic. Virginia is a waitress who lives with her janitor father in NYC. Everything changes when they are forced to travel to another dimension where fairy tales are real and they must help a prince (who has been turned into a dog) find and defeat the evil queen before she takes over the 9 kingdoms. Check out the trailer for that – here!
  23. Love Me If You Dare – A very quirky French film, two best friends grow up together and continuously dare each other to do ridiculously crazy things. As they grow older, they grow apart, but manage to come together to do even more insane dares as time passes and realize they have been in love all along..or something. It’s a really crazy story so just watch the trailer LOL. Check it out – here!
  24. Brick – Brendan ventures into a ring of underground crime after his ex-girlfriend goes missing in order to find out what happened to her. Check out the trailer – here!
  25. Donnie Darko – Donnie seems like a typical high school student, but he’s anything but. Mentally troubled, prescribed many pills by his psychiatrist and often sleep walking and waking up in random places in his town, he begins to see a man dressed in a creepy rabbit suit who tells him what to do, some of which is not always pleasant. It gets complicated, but it deals a lot with time, space and you can’t always tell whether Donnie’s dreaming, hallucinating or what. It’s really good, really creepy and makes you think about life. Check out the trailer – here!

I hope you check out some of these films and enjoy them!

If you have any questions about anything in particular, feel free to comment, otherwise let me know if you watch any of these and what you thought!

Any films you can recommend to me?

I’m always up for new films to watch!

15 thoughts on “Top 25 Recommended Movies / Asian Dramas To Watch This Summer!

  1. AJ's Mom

    Wow, Korean movies and drama. I watched Personal Taste because the girl was one of my favourite actresses, plus Lee Min Ho-ssi is the lead, and I love him and Boys before Flowers. Have you ever watched the Taiwanese version? I definitely watched R Point and thank goodness my mind is blocking out the scary bits of it. Donnie Darko was just weird.

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Yeah personal taste was really good. Love Lee Min Ho so attractive, esp in boys over flowers. Lol loved it. Never seen Taiwanese version though, is it same name or? Also ya R Point scared the crap out of me. Korea does horror really well. Scary but effective haha. Yeah Donnie Darko is weird but I really loved it in high school; watched it for the first time with my friend Courtney from RootBeaut actually lol.

      1. AJ's Mom

        Oh, I can’t remember the title anymore but I think if you search Hana Yori Taiwanese version, it should come up. I’m not sure if you’ve been to this site, but more or less has all the stuff you want. And then you have, and if you want Korean drama/movies recaps, is the way. 😉 You probably wouldn’t want to watch all installments for Whispering Corridors, would you? It’s a Korean movie series. Thank goodness I wasn’t pregnant when I watched all of them. LOL.

  2. f00dventures

    omg i love that you put 10th kingdom and pans labyrinth on here! even though the latter is super dark and depressing, i’ve always loved it. and 10th kingdom is one of my favorite favorite favorite movies/tv shows! it’s also one of Edward’s favorites thanks to me (i introduced him to it). i think i’m going to go watch it 🙂

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I know!! Omg you’re like my heterosexual lifemate. Yeah, I said it. You even know about 10th kingdom! Eek! Ive been wanting to watch it again but my bf always complains since its so long haha

      1. f00dventures

        lol i swear we must be related. we have way too much in common not to be. i love 10th kingdom. i remember taping every episode when it first aired and then finally buying the movie (i found it at blockbuster for like $10). edward and i will adopt you and then you and i can make products for your website and bake/cook and watch 10th kingdom all day lol

      2. storybookapothecary Post author

        I KNOW! Lol HOLY CRAP I BOUGHT MINE AT BLOCKBUSTER FOR $10!! Haha. Seriously. I would love that! You’re my long lost sister…who I like better than my actual sisters. Lol.

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