WFBC Featured Blog of the Month: Beauty and the Best of the Rest!

Beauty and the Best of the restI posted before about how I recently joined the fantastic group, WFBC, and our monthly blog features (see the original post here) selected by the members of the WordPress Fashion and Beauty Community (WFBC). We’ve decided to vote each month on who’s blog to feature each month on all of our blogs as a way to promote awesome blogs and great content. We’ve taken a vote and this month’s featured blog is Beauty and the Best of the Rest!

Congrats to Breige for winning the most votes this month!

If you’re not yet a follower of her blog, you really should be! She keeps me up to date with the latest and greatest in fashion, beauty and even some controversial current events such as this post which stirred up a lot of talk yesterday!

Aside from the great content you come to expect on a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog, I really feel like Breige goes the extra mile because she’s such a talented writer. She actually started writing a short story (could turn into something more? :-)) right on her blog and I’m now addicted to it! Seriously, if you’re reading this Breige, you must finish it now because I want to know what happens. You can check out her story posts here : Part 1, Part 2, & Part 3.

Other fun tidbits are posts like this one that I found really entertaining, but also educational about Scotland or this one I found extremely helpful which offers some great advice and tips for bloggers who are just starting out.

She’s definitely offering some great posts on her blog, Beauty and the Best of the Rest, so I highly recommend you check it out!


5 thoughts on “WFBC Featured Blog of the Month: Beauty and the Best of the Rest!

  1. masquerade21

    Thank you so much Tianna, you’ve given me such a big head 😛
    I’ve just posted part 4 of the story up, hope you enjoy it 🙂 xx

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