Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With LaLicious Coconut Cream Body Soap & Body Butter Duo

Satisfy your craving with this deliciously sweet body soap / body butter duo!

I recently was sent some deluxe samples of the LaLicious Coconut Cream Body Soap and Body Butter and it has literally made me and my entire bathroom smell like vanilla cake!


LaLicious is an all natural bath and body care line that includes various delicious scents for all your bath and body needs. The scents available are Lily Mango, Coconut Cream, Brown Sugar & Vanilla, Passionfruit Lime, Island Guava, Tahitian Flower, Peppermint, and Coffee Bean. They offer a variety of products including body scrubs, oils, soaps, and butters.

So besides the fact that the Coconut Cream line has increased the number of sweet cravings I get, it also has an impressive number of other benefits included in the formulas. Made with all natural ingredients, both the body wash and body butter include natural plant extracts, vegetable oils such as sunflower and coconut oil and shea butter so that you can smell delicious while keeping your skin hydrated, nourished and naturally youthful.

I really enjoyed using these two products from LaLicious; the Coconut Cream Body Soap has a nice lather that is more milky than foamy, but still feels very hydrating and literally makes me smell like birthday cake, as my boyfriend put it. The Coconut Cream Body Butter helped to hydrate my skin while scenting it with the same delicious fragrance as the body soap. While I wouldn’t really recommend this as a treatment for those with sensitive or super dry skin, it’s gentle enough for anyone to use and will leave a pleasant scent on your skin without all the harmful ingredients included in most scented products.

See the Whole line of scented bath and body products from LaLicious – Here! 

Have you tried LaLicious products before?

How do you feel about scented products?


8 thoughts on “Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth With LaLicious Coconut Cream Body Soap & Body Butter Duo

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      haha yay! I still can’t find you in mine, unfortunately! Which is why I end up posting on them so late so I apologize for that! Glad I’m showing up in yours at least. Yeah they seriously smell like vanilla cake haha, but they do include some good ingredients as well so that’s good. Usually everything I like that smells nice includes a massive amt of fragrances and no nourishment so this is a nice change. x

  1. f00dventures

    oh my god coconut body butter!?! i think i’m in heaven. i think i know what i’m asking for for christmas this year. or even better, maybe i’ll ask for that for edward’s and my 7 year anniversary coming up in 2 weeks!! i better start thinking up ideas for things to do for our anniversary.

      1. storybookapothecary Post author

        np; that’s really nice. quite the accomplishment! I’m in yr 5 with my bf; it goes by fast, but isn’t always easy you know? So I think it’s impressive 🙂

      2. f00dventures

        Wow congrats are in order for you too! It does go by so fast. And I agree, it’s now always easy. But i think the. Est things are those that you have to fight for.

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