Get Firmer Skin with LIFTLAB Mini Samples!

Every woman is after firmer, more supple looking skin and LIFTLAB can certainly make that a reality!

Created by LIFTLAB Scientists who discovered that thriving plants and animals in the freezing Arctic all shared the same protein, these scientists were able to isolate that protein and apply it in the LIFTLAB skin formulations to offer women firmer, tighter and more youthful skin. To learn more about LIFTLAB origins, click here!

1. LIFT & FIX™ High Potency Solution – This solution is a silky type serum that includes a number of proteins and extracts to lift and firm the skin while reducing inflammation, encouraging cell regeneration and stimulating protein production to fill in lines. I definitely recommend this one to anyone with skin that needs a bit of a lift! It is light enough to use on most skin types. I noticed a nice suppleness and firmness to my skin with this solution after 5 days of use.

2. LIFT & REPAIR™ Treatment Serum – This treatment serum is meant to have an effect on deep lines and wrinkles and correct sun damage and uneven skin tone. Including many proteins and complexes in their formulations to aid in skin regeneration, collagen production and to repair and protect the skin from damage, this serum is meant to improve the overall tone and appearance of skin with continued use. Over 7 days, I experienced more even toned skin and a smoother look to my complexion, but little else. I don’t know if I just simply don’t have enough wrinkles and fine lines for this to have an effect or perhaps my sample didn’t last enough uses to really show the difference. I think with continued use I may have seen more benefits from this, but the sample was only enough to last me around 12 days.

3. PURIFY & CLARIFY™ Daily Cleanser & Detox Mask – This cleanser and mask duo is really great for skin clarification. It worked quite well to brighten and deep clean my skin as well as firm it up a bit. The formula includes enzymes found in red caviar as well as plant and flower extracts for cell regeneration and skin brightening and toning effects. I really enjoyed this as a cleanser and mask. It reminds me of a more refined version of this mask from Neutrogena except that instead of a focus on acne, it has more of an effect for aiding with dullness and uneven skin tone.

4. LIFT & FIRM™ Eye Cream – Made with a number of skin complexes, this eye cream works to fill in fine lines and wrinkles while diminishing dark circles. This is a really great eye cream, but it is a bit heavy for my skin. I have a sensitivity to eye creams in general. I do better with eye gels because my skin is sensitive and oily combination so creams tend to be too heavy for my skin. I think if you don’t have a sensitivity or if you have a more dry skin type, this would work very well for you. It felt really nice on my skin, but a bit too heavy for my skin type.

5. LIFT & MOISTURIZE™ Daily Cream – Created to improve the elasticity in the skin, smooth out fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen and plump cells and improve skin regeneration with a number of skin complexes, this daily cream is soft, smooth and easy to use. It absorbs really well and is very protective. I think this is a lovely cream, but I had the same issue with this that I had with the eye cream – it’s simply to heavy for my skin type. I definitely think drier skin types will benefit from this one (as well as the eye cream) because it truly is a lovely cream, but my oily combination skin, especially now in Summer, simply cannot tolerate it.

Check out the entire line of LIFTLAB products – here!


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