Posts You May Have Missed This Week!

Hi Lovelies!

I just thought I’d list some of the blog posts I’ve done recently so you can check up and make sure you haven’t missed any as I know a lot of people have told me (and I experience this myself!) that the damn WP Reader doesn’t always show all of the Blogs you Follow posts on there.

Check Them Out & Enjoy!

My Favorite Natural Makeup Look At the Moment – Coral Love! 

Summer Fashion Finds!

Heal Your Skin with This Incredible Cosmetics Company from New Zealand: Living Nature Natural Beauty Products!

Awesome Makeup Forever Goodies I Won in a Recent Giveaway! 

Affordable Cruelty Free Cosmetics! 

The Greenest Eco Candle On the Planet! 

Products I’m Lusting After At the Moment! 

A Book Series That Out Shines Hunger Games! 

This Natural Sunscreen Combines Skincare + Sun Protection! 

Awesome Anti-Frizz Haircare Line!

My Thoughts on the Tragic Shooting In Colorado…

Tips and Tools for Body Exfoliation

Nourishing Skincare With Metamour Skincare! 

Top Concealer for Acne Prone Sensitive Skin! 


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