Beauty Swap with Mystique @Beast and Beauty!

Awhile back, I did a beauty swap with Mystique over at BeastandBeauty and it finally arrived a week or so ago.

Check out all the amazing Aussie goodies I received!

From Australis eye shadows and palettes to lovely lip glosses, face masks, and 2 awesome palettes (see below), I certainly received a lot of amazing Australian beauty products to try out!

If you don’t follow her blog yet (if not, you totally should!), she features loads of fun posts on her life, her adorable dog and of course, beauty reviews and the like.

I always enjoy reading her posts and this swap was amazing; if you have the chance to do so, definitely do a beauty swap! It has been a great experience for me, but anyway, no more rambling, check out some of my favorites from the box of beauty goodies she sent me! – Please forgive me ahead of time for the lack of beautiful photos; I had left my camera for the weekend and these are all taken with my DroidX2 which certainly lacks in the camera department!

Australis “Red Carpet Ready” Makeup Palette

This actually came in a really pretty glossy box that had a nice red carpet type animation on it, but I really wanted to show you guys the amazing quality of the Australis packaging because, according to Mystique, this is a drugstore type brand in Australia which I can’t believe because the packaging is really good quality!

Also, the pigment quality on this palette is incredible; everything from the bronzer, blush and 5 eye shadows are all very creamy and pigmented. I am thinking I will update you all with swatches on this palette.

It’s quite nice!

CHI CHI Loose Minerals Eye Shadow Quad Greens

Next up is the CHI CHI Loose Minerals in “Greens” which features 4 different tints of green loose mineral shadows. Not only are these super pigmented shadows, but they come in this super handy round sifter type jar that allows you to shake out what you need. I’m not quite sure if this is a drugstore one or not, but I think it may be.

Savvy Essential Makeup Palette

Again with the amazing makeup palettes, we have the Savvy Essential Palette that features a blusher, bronzer and 8 eye shadow colors! These are all very pigmented as well, though much less creamy than the Australis palette, and also include a lot of shimmer/glitter in most of the powders on this palette. I’m not a huge fan of that so I passed this one on to my younger sister who was thrilled! Definitely recommend it if you’re a fan of that though because the quality of the powders is certainly amazing and again, I believe this is a drugstore one too!

Just Dish Tea & Ginger Handmade Body Soap

Lastly, one of my absolutely favorites from this box is the Just Dish Tea & Ginger Body Soap! It smells soo amazing and is very creamy to use! (Of course, I just jumped in the shower the night I received this to try it out!) It also does have some kind of walnut pieces or something within the bar for some exfoliation. I’m not a big fan of that as it tends to be too harsh on my skin, but I used it on my legs to nice effect and the scent is just lovely.

I do want to mention that I did have one other favorite, but no photo (see it in the first photo though!) as I tried it out the first 2 nights and it’s therefore completely gone now which is the Pores Be Gone Skin Clarifying Mud Mask. I just have to rave about this amazing mask for a second because it’s obviously drugstore, but it works just as well as some of the more expensive face masks that I have tried AND it smells like strawberries!

Have you ever done a beauty swap?

What were your experiences?

Do share in the comments!


8 thoughts on “Beauty Swap with Mystique @Beast and Beauty!

  1. beastandbeauty (Mystique)

    Awww…glad you liked them lovely! Australis make some great stuff now…They’ve come a long way and the masks are a staple in my bathroom cabinet. I love the scent too! Enjoy! xo

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