Just thought I’d mention really quick! The lovely Courtney Leiva @TheDollhouseBlog recently reviewed Storybook Apothecary’s Fairest of Them All Healing Face Powder and Snow’s Eternal Youth Elixir Serum!

Check out the review – here!

Also, definitely check out her other posts on health and beauty and follow her @CourtneyLeiva on Twitter for the latest in beauty, giveaways and more!

Thanks again Courtney!

2 thoughts on “Storybook Apothecary Products Get Their First Beauty Blogger Review!

  1. healthyfrenchie

    Exiting! Great review as well 🙂
    I was going to ask you, I have a patch of much darker skin on my back (btwn my shoulders) and since it’s finally nice here, I was hoping you might be able to recommend something to get rid of it (or at least help…) thank you

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I know! Thanks! Hmm, is it a sun spot, a dark dry patch or has it always been there? If you’ve always had it, might be a birth mark. If not, if it’s more like sun damage, you can make a lightening treatment from lemon, licorice extract and glycerin to try and lighten the area. Otherwise, there are body lightening treatments too. Like this one > http://www.amazon.com/Face-Body-Brightening-Lotion-Ounce/dp/B005606P12 . There are also lightening body soaps that include licorice or papaya as well. Just be careful as some can be drying. If what you have is a dry patch that is discolored from so much dryness, I recommend the Egyptian Magic Skin Cream or otherwise definitely the Max Green Alchemy Skin Rescue Cream is my favorite at the moment. You can also use any body serum that includes brightening ingredients like licorice, papaya, glycolic acid, fruit acids or other fruit extracts. Hope this helps!!


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