DIY Recipe: Simple Summer Bronzing Oil for Face & Body

I recently wrote this post about whether or not Storybook Apothecary should carry a bronzing oil and some of you expressed an interest in a DIY recipe for a bronzing oil so here it is!


Things You Will Need: 

  • Bronze or Gold Mica Powder (1 Teaspoon per Ounce of Oil)
  • Organic Oil of Your Choice
  • Green Tea Eco Extract (Optional)

I mixed several different colors of gold and bronze mica powders to get this color, but use colors you think will suit your skin tone.

The paler you are, the most golden the color should be. If you’re a bit beige, you may want to add more bronze and if you’re even darker, you’ll want to add mostly bronze and only a little gold.

Next you’ll want to choose an oil (preferably organic) to use. I’ve used a mixture of organic evening primrose, sunflower, olive and grape seed oil.

Sunflower and olive oils are great for added sun protection because they offer mild sun protection to your skin naturally. You still need to use a sunscreen/sunblock, but these oils will certainly help protect you from the sun alongside your sunscreen/sunblock.

I also added green tea extract to this mixture because many studies have shown that using green tea in your skin products may help protect your skin from damaging UV rays.

You don’t have to use green tea extract and you don’t have to use multiple oils, you can just use one oil of your choice and no extract.

It’s up to you.

 After that, you’ll want to choose a container.

It really depends on if you want to use this as a facial bronzing oil or body bronzing oil.

I used an amber glass dropper 1 ounce bottle that I had on hand, but you can use an old body oil or facial oil container. Whatever you like.

Once you’ve mixed your mica, oil(s), and extracts together in a bowl, pour it into your chosen container and that’s it!

It’s super easy and really a nice way to add sun protection, moisture and a lovely glow to your skin this summer!

I hope you decide to try this and let me know how it goes!


12 thoughts on “DIY Recipe: Simple Summer Bronzing Oil for Face & Body

  1. Dash

    This is such a great idea! One of my favourite beauty products is the Nuxe body oil with gold pigments but it’s sooo expensive and not quite perfect for my skin tone. I can’t wait to mix up my own version 🙂

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Awesome! I’m so glad you think so! It was fun and easy to make! Yeah I’ve been obsessed with the Nuxe Body Oil, but SUPER expensive so that’s what led me to make my own . 🙂 I hope you will check out my other DIY posts and follow for future ones! Thanks for commenting ❤

  2. healthyfrenchie

    I love the diy recipes 🙂 I’m fairly dark already but I think I’ll try an make it with some bronze pigments so I can use it for extra sparkle in the summer (if it ever arrives here)

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  6. nonfashionista

    Great tutorial! I had no idea you could do this at home! I’m not much of a ‘bronze yourself’ at home..I prefer to go to the beach when I can and get my natural tan there but in the UK its hard to get the sun and I totally get why they are so addicted to tanning 😛


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