An Incredible All-In-One Beauty Product: Olive Oil Nourishing Treatment by ONE Skincare + Your Chance to Win One!

I honestly don’t know how this product has gone so long without being raved about!

I feel so privileged to have been able to test this amazing oil out as it has hydrated my skin in such a small amount of time ( about a week and a half ) and it has so many endless uses!

Created by one woman in her kitchen searching for the ultimate beauty product, this product includes very simple, easy to pronounce ingredients such as olive oil, sunflower, vitamin E and lavender.

I was sent this product to review and I feel so grateful for it because it literally has helped my skin SO much.

First, I used it as a body oil with great hydrating results including a nice body glow, small dry patches have diminished and this in combination with Max Green Alchemy’s Skin Rescue Cream (See the Review for that – here! ) has saved me from a brutal sunburn that I got last week!

Aside from it’s uses as a sunburn treatment and body oil, it works well as a hair serum, preventing frizziness and moisturizing my super dry ends. I don’t think oilier scalps can handle using it directly on the scalp other than as a mask that is rinsed out after a time, but drier hair types suffering from damage and breakage will certainly benefit from this.

As a skin serum oil, I didn’t really enjoy it much. It was a bit too heavy on my reactive acne prone skin, but I think sensitive, dry, and combination to dry skin types will benefit from this a lot. I think that my skin will benefit from this in the winter time a lot more than summertime, which is in full swing here in Southern California.

That being said, this also worked great as a moisturizing hand and cuticle treatment and soothed my dry heels.

 I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to simplify their beauty routine or desires an all-in-one product that is easy to travel with and has many, many uses.

It is definitely a green organic beauty product that includes easily recognizable ingredients that are effective, yet simple.

At $30 a bottle, this will last you a couple months and is well worth the money if you plan on using it for all that it is capable of – which is a lot by the way!

Check out this awesome product – here! 


And Now for Another Awesome Giveaway – Brought to You by ONE Skincare!

Enter for a Chance to Win a Full Size All In One Organic Olive Oil Nourishing Treatment!

I will be randomly selecting 2 winners from the entries!

PLEASE NOTE: This giveaway is open to any of my subscribers anywhere in the world. Although I received these samples free from Naruko Skincare, I will be shipping them out at my own expense so please sign up! I am not rich, but I want to show my appreciation for your support and readership, and I promise you will enjoy these samples!

To Enter: 

  • Must be subscribed to this blog
  • Must follow me on Twitter @SApothecary and “Like” Storybook Apothecary on Facebook – here
  • Must “Like” ONE Skincare on Facebook
  • Must comment below letting me know you’ve done all the steps and why you want to win this treatment from ONE Skincare
2 Winners will be announced here on 6/20/12!
PLEASE NOTE: The 2 winners will be chosen on the aforementioned date; if any winner does not contact me within a week of the announcement, another will be chosen in their place as an alternative and they will forfeit their winnings.
Thanks to ONE Skincare for holding this giveaway and allowing 2 lucky readers the chance to try this incredible all in one product!

15 thoughts on “An Incredible All-In-One Beauty Product: Olive Oil Nourishing Treatment by ONE Skincare + Your Chance to Win One!

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  2. f00dventures

    omg as soon as i saw lavender in the ingredients list, you sold me. i love lavendar. and i love the natural ingredients. would love to get my hands on one of these bad boys so i made sure to do everything required in order to enter the giveaway 🙂

  3. TP

    I would love to try this product for its simple yet effective ingredient list.
    I have done all to required steps. Thanks for the chance of winning!

  4. sharonA

    Thank you for this lovely giveaway!!
    I’ve done everything but like on ONE skincare FB, cause the link here and on their website is broken 😦
    I’de love it if you could put another link please.
    I would really love to win this oil since my hubby and I are going to our honeymoon soon, YAY!
    I’m planning to bring a small bag with the things i would need for the trip, since we won’t be able to walk around wit ha heavy suitecase.. So i won’t have enough room to bring my regular cosmetics ( 2 creams for the face, one for the body and a hair cream) and it will be wonderfull to carry one product that does everything! PLUS, the fact that all the ingredients are natural is sssooo my cup of tea, i hate using products which contain SLS and other bad ngredients:)
    SO, thanks again!

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Hi ! Thanks for signing up for the giveaway and good luck! Checked the link; its not broken its just you have to sign in to facebook first, then click the link and it will take you to it. Otherwise, it just goes to facebook’s home login page. Once you login, it will redirect you to the ONE Skincare FB page. Hope this helps and good luck on winning one for your honeymoon!! x

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  8. mojemakaze

    I follow you on Twitter (@mojemakaze) and I “like” Storybook Apothecary on Facebook (Moje Makaze). I didn’t “like” ONE Skincare on Facebook because I can’t open that page
    I would love to try this product because I love natural ingredients

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