Rainwater Botanicals Mini Giveaway!

Last week, you may remember me doing this post on one of my favorite affordable organic brands – Rainwater Botanicals.

I meant to post this sooner, but I just have not had the time to edit the photos of everything!

So, sorry about the delay, but here we finally are doing the Rainwater Botanicals Mini Giveaway!


In this giveaway, one lucky winner will win several minis of many of Rainwater Botanicals’ items!

Check them out: 

Ice Mocha Lip Balm, their Original Healing Salve, Troubled Skin Facial Serum with Frankincense and Tamanu, Nutritive Face and Body Lotion, Nourishing Facial Cream with Carrot and Pumpkin, and Brightening Facial Cream with Zinc Sunscreen!

Healing Earth Facial Soap with Witch Hazel and Tea Tree

Intensive Repair Cream for Face and Body with Organic Aloe and Wild Shea Butter

PLEASE NOTE: This giveaway is open to any of my subscribers anywhere in the world. Although I received these samples free from Rainwater Botanicals, I will be shipping them out at my own expense so please sign up! I am not rich, but I want to show my appreciation for your support and readership, and I promise you will enjoy these samples!

To Enter: 

  • Must be subscribed to this blog
  • Must be following me on Twitter @SApothecary and Storybook Apothecary on Facebook
  • Must be following @Sara_Rainwater on Twitter and Rainwater Botanicals on Facebook
  • Must Comment Below the product they are most excited to try!

One Lucky Winner will be Announced Here on 6/12/12!

If you wish to try Rainwater Botanicals right away, check out their Etsy shop – here!

Purchase from Rainwater Botanicals from June 15-30th and Take Advantage of their Summer Sale!

Use Coupon Code: SUMMER for 15% Off! 

That’s all for now!

Good Luck Everyone!

Remember also to sign up for the Naruko Minis Giveaway where 3 can win – here -as well!

(Hurry! Naruko Minis Giveaway Ends 6/9/12!)

18 thoughts on “Rainwater Botanicals Mini Giveaway!

  1. Rebecca

    I’m not entering, but I just wanted to mention that the post doesn’t specify where the giveaway is open to. I’m assuming it’s only open to US residents like most giveaways tend to be, but it should really be mentioned in your post. Also I think having to subscribe 5 different places just to enter is a little much. I do love your blog though. Thanks

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Hi Rebecca,

      I’m sorry for not specifying; I will go back and make it more clear. Actually its open to anyone in the world as I only received samples, but I am willing to ship them to wherever the winner is located, anywhere in the world. I apologize for the entry requirements; Rainwater Botanicals is a small, local business in the US, not a corporation with PR people helping them get press. I am simply trying to get the amazing owner, Sara, some much deserved attention because I really and truly love her products. Entering will only take a minute or so and I think it’s worth it to try her products at no cost to you, but I do understand if you think it’s a hassle. I hope you change your mind since the giveaway is open to anyone! Thank you for following my blog !! Xx

  2. f00dventures

    ok, I think I did everything required lol. I would love to be able to try out more of their products, especially the facial creams or serums. I’ll definitely be checking out their etsy shop. thank you for introducing me to them 🙂

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      It’s totally worth it! I think I’ve tried most of their products already as it’s been a couple years and I’ll be reviewing more of their products once I have a chance ! I love this company SO MUCH! I have never had a bad experience and the prices are so affordable for anyone. The ingredients being more natural and organic allows anyone to go natural in their skin routine!

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  4. healthyfrenchie

    I’m so exited to enter this giveway and think it’s awesome that you are helping Sarah 🙂
    I would love to win, since there is NO beauty products around here… I had to go to the hardware store the other day! They have a small make up section

  5. beautybotanica

    So excited about this giveaway!! I have been eyeing Rainwater Botanicals ever since you mentioned them in a comment on my blog. It’s hard to decide on just one, but the nourishing facial cream or one of the lip balm would be awesome (I’m a lip balm addict).

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