Luxe Skincare Daydreams of Anne Semonin Paris…

I recently discovered this company while web browsing…

It’s like one of those things you are so thrilled to have discovered because it’s so amazing, but regret it because now it’s going to consume you until you try every last one of these products…

-Insert heavy sigh here-

I mean, every product from this line is so BEAUTIFUL!

I just want it all..

It is the ultimate skincare fantasy…

This is where we all go broke!

Marketing and packaging and a macro lens and I want to buy all these products.

It’s like if Heaven had a skincare line, this might be know what I mean?

Okay now I’m just ranting!

Anyway, as you all must know, misery loves company so I really am sorry to do this to  you!

Hopefully you are all immune!

Here’s my wish list for Anne Semonin.

Let’s hope someone reads this, sees my despair and sends me some goodies!

Ha! Soo not likely, but a girl can dream, right?

Enjoy ❤

Express Radiance Ice Cube

Okay, seriously why the hell didn’t I think of this?!

It’s the most simple brilliance I have ever seen.

Even my boyfriend thought this was cool! (lame joke, I know)

Don’t you judge me!

Eye Express Radiance Ice Cube

Uhm, yeah.

See above for why this is just genius.


100% Active Serum

Honestly, I’m not really sure what this is.

I tuned out halfway through reading their description for this because I’m so tired, but I may have caught the words evening primrose and highly innovative.

And it just looks like it would work, right?

Whatever it is, I was hooked at the picture and packaging because yes, if you must know, I am just that shallow.

Botanical Body Oil 

I have kind of an obsession with body oils, especially when they include plant extracts.

Is that weird?

I just like looking glowy…or something,

Phytarosa Serum

If anti-aging serums and acne serums had a love child, this would be it.

PLUS it will make my non-existent tan last longer!

That is, when I get a tan, the tan that I have will last longer..


I think Anne Semonin is my kryptonite…

Either that, or the exhaustion is getting to me…

 *Wide eyed dark circles manic voice says*


Alas, I joke, but seriously.

What do you all think of the Anne Semonin line?

Would you be interested in seeing reviews for any of these?

Please let me know in the comments!

11 thoughts on “Luxe Skincare Daydreams of Anne Semonin Paris…

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I know right! I am so in love with this line at the moment. I really love the ice cube idea. It’s absolutely brilliant, but so super simple. Would you want to see any of these reviewed? Or maybe I could do a kind of diy ice cube facial recipe. I don’t know. What do you think?

  1. Nerdy Girl

    Thanks for the follow! Great blog! 🙂
    I’ll admit to you, these kinds of products scare me. I keep my products simple: Aveeno face wash, Aveeno moisturizer, and the least amount of makeup possible. Maybe I’m just lazy? 🙂

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      No problem! Dig your blog as well! Why do they scare you ? The price? or just the exotic function? If its the price I understand haha. Otherwise, don’t be afraid of the out of the box presentation and function. It’s all just a big adventure! I haven’t had the best luck with aveeno, unfortunately, but it’s good to stick with what works for you, you know? I don’t think lazy is the right word. Stubborn or adverse to change maybe! 😛

      1. Nerdy Girl

        Oh no, it has nothing to do with the price, as outrageous as some of them are. Its the ingredients. If I can’t pronounce it, I won’t use it, lol. I just drink lots and lots and omg lots of water, wear sunscreen and moisturizer every day, wash my face morning and night and wear little to no makeup daily, unless its an event night. Its about 10 minutes in the morning, and I make my own scrubs and masks for nighttime. I guess you’re right, lazy isn’t the right word. I’m aware. I guess that is what it is. 🙂

  2. Currie Rose

    Oh. My. Goodness!!!! Your blog is making me miss girly fun products, facials and fabulousness so very much. I know I will be able to do these things again someday (hopefully soon) and when I can afford it, I’ll be back to check out more of your reviews. 🙂

    Until then, I’ve found plain old grapeseed oil to be a great moisturizer.

    Have a great day,

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Love your blog! I’m glad you like my posts! More giveaways coming soon so be sure to sign up for them for your chance to win free goodies okay! And yes, grapeseed oil rocks! I like doing facial massages with grapeseed and evening primrose 🙂 Thanks for visiting me! Take care ❤


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