Get Naturally Shiny & Voluminous Hair with Max Green Alchemy

Recently, I was lucky enough to be sent a full sized set of Max Green Alchemy’s Scalp Rescue Shampoo and Conditioner.

I am always hesitant about green and natural hair care products; not because I am not for all natural, I am really, but I have had some bad experiences when it comes to natural products for hair.

A lot of times, they end up being either too drying or too oily and usually leave cringe-worthy residues on my scalp, which is totally gross and not something I would wish on anyone.

That being said, this shampoo and conditioner set is NOT like that!

Thank God for that because I never know when I’m trying new products what the effects will be; catastrophic or miraculous.

In this case, it was definitely the latter!

This shampoo and conditioner duo is very gentle, using 100% plant/natural origin ingredients including tea tree, lavender, lemon tea tree and macadamia oil, to name a few.

They both have the delicious scent of lemon, which was so energizing to use in the morning, and they have not been like most tea tree hair products I’ve used in the past which I have found to be super drying to my hair.

For instance, my boyfriend has super oily hair and loves the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Shampoo and Conditioner set, but I personally cannot use it as I have less oily hair than him and find it much too drying.

Great Qualities:

  • Petrochemical-free
  • Sodium Lauryl/Laureth Sulfate-free
  • Paraben-free
  • Lanolin-free
  • Cruelty-free
  • Safe for Color Treated Hair
  • Won an ELLE Beauty Green Star Award for Best Conditioner 2009
  • Approved by Vegan.Org
  • Includes many Certified Organic Ingredients

This set by Max Green Alchemy is incredible and far beats out a lot of other shampoos and conditioners that I have tried.

It beats out a lot of natural and mainstream hair care products alike in that both the shampoo and conditioner can be used for people with all sorts of hair concerns such as dandruff control, itchy scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis of the scalp, oily and dry hair, volume (not a claim by them, but my experience!), oily and dry scalp, and flakiness.

With this awesome formula that really seems like it could suit anyone male or female, I am totally won over. My boyfriend has used this to great result and better oil control, and I have found that my hair is more voluminous, shiny without being oily, frizz FREE, and tangle free.

I experience much less fallout and breakage than with even the Awapuhi Ginger line from Paul Mitchell, which I previously loved for its scent and conditioning qualities.

This set actually beats that for me!

After using both the shampoo and conditioner for around two weeks, I definitely see a difference. I find my hair silkier and more manageable than ever without having to sacrifice my dedication to making most of my products green and natural and that is the number one reason that I am won over by Max Green Alchemy’s Scalp Rescue set.


Aside from this wonderful shampoo and conditioner set, they also carry other hair products such as pomade, styling gel, and sculpting pastes.

Check out Max Green Alchemy Hair Care – Here.

Have you ever tried any products from Max Green Alchemy?

What are you thoughts on natural haircare products?

Stay Beautiful


I’ll Talk to You Soon : ]

 Disclaimer: I was NOT given compensation to write this blog post in any way other than samples sent to me from Max Green Alchemy to review, but they in no way affected my review of these products. My opinions, thoughts and experiences with this product are my own.

12 thoughts on “Get Naturally Shiny & Voluminous Hair with Max Green Alchemy

  1. fitterstrongerbetter

    The only natural shampoo I’ve found and liked is Lush’s Godiva. It’s brilliant and I can sometimes even smell it in my hair when working out if I’ve washed it the night before! Otherwise, I’ve found they don’t lather up much and therefore don’t clean my hair which is annoying. If I can find this in the UK, I might give it a go once I’ve used up my Lush shampoo bar. 🙂 x

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      Hmm, you know, I love Lush products, but the only shampoo bar I like from them is the Seanik. The coconut one smelled amazing, but made my hair so greasy I was so bummed. I think the climate here is simply too hot for it. This shampoo lathers quite nice and cleans really well while also softening. I like when shampoos make my hair feel clean, but a lot of times they end up leaving my hair too dry or too oily. This one manages to clean and moisturize at the same time. It’s really nice and the lemon scent is so refreshing; I absolutely love it for mornings! Def. recommend this set !

  2. Rebecca

    Lush shampoo bars contain SLS which is not a natural ingredient and can be really drying for your hair. If you’re having trouble getting lather with natural shampoos you could have hard water. You can search for a clarifying shampoo which can help with the build up that hard water tends to leave behind then you might have better results with natural shampoos

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      SLS is actually not unnatural; it does come from a natural source, usually coconut. The problem with SLS or SLES (lauryl/laureth) is that they may be harmful to the body in the long term, causing issues within the body. Also, SLS/SLES in large quantities can strip the hair (or face or whatever) of most or all its natural oils which can cause more harm than good in the long term. These sulfate ingredients are definitely what causes the foaming and suds in most shampoos and foaming type face washes, but whether they can harm you is a big debate. Used in small quantities, I don’t really think it’s just a huge issue for me, though I know for some people it is. Also, if there is no lather, or little lather, sometimes in sulfate free shampoos this will happen because of the lack of sulfates in the formula. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad. The shampoo I reviewed here has natural plant ingredients, which are less abrasive to the hair and will not strip the hair. It feels like a clarifying shampoo without being drying which I really like. Well, okay I hope this helps!

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