32 Questions Get to Know Me Tag! – Borrowed from Humaira Beauty

 So this was not originally mine, but I loved the idea so much I asked to borrow it and post here! Thanks to Humaira @HumairaBeauty for letting me!
Definitely recommend you check out her original post here and follow her blog for great beauty posts!
  1. Is it cute when guys kiss you on your forehead? Hmm, only my boyfriend and my dad! Otherwise, I think it would weird me out! Haha.
  2. A big poofy dress or a short party dress? Short party dress. I even rocked a short, poofy party dress like this one for prom. I had when it’s constricting my movement or getting so tangled that clumsy me trips.
  3. Are diamonds a girl’s best friend? Not mine.
  4. Is your hair up or down today? Up in a messy bun.
  5. Do you straighten your hair? Sometimes. I am pretty lazy though so mostly it’s curly, messy, or braided.
  6. Favorite mascara? Diorshow Extase Mascara! Check out my post here where I review how much I’ve fallen in love with it since receiving a deluxe sample in my birchbox review post! Other more natural favorite is 100% Pure Black Tea Mascara. Anyone want a review on that? lol.
  7. Do you get your nails done? Not really. I love the foot massage, but it’s to expensive and I’m too cheap…Maybe once in a great while?
  8. Small or large purses? Large! Love them! Either that or a messenger bag.
  9. Jeans or sweats? Both!
  10. Do you wear clothes/shoes/jewelry that’s uncomfortable? Not too much. I love jeans and flats. I do dress up when I go out, but mostly I try to dress comfortably. The most uncomfortable thing I wear is probably shoes! And maybe corsets sometimes!
  11. Do you text message a lot? Yeah, unlimited what what! I may have a problem…
  12. Whats your favorite color?Purple and green. Just like my laptop lights!
  13. Heels or flats? Both, but preferably very high wedges or knee high boots!
  14. Would you ever leave the house without makeup on? I am the worst offender of this. I wear makeup, but sometimes I wake up late and rush out..you know, a lot! lol. Love makeup though and wear it for sure on the weekends!
  15. Walmart or Target? Target.
  16. Do you think lip gloss is the best!? Its okay, but I favor tinted lip balms or matte lip sticks.
  17. Do you own any big sunglasses? a LOT. which are mostly broken by people who sit on them…only 1 surviving pair!
  18. How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? Depends. Anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour.
  19. Gold or silver? Both. Silver mostly though.
  20. Do you like to wear dresses? Of course 🙂
  21. In the last 48 hours have you hung out with a guy? Yep. Live with one even.
  22. Do you like to hold hands? It’s very nice 🙂
  23. What do you notice when you first meet a guy? Their sense of humor or lack thereof. And whether they have the same nerdy taste as me.
  24. Do you like making eye contact? Preferably. I try not to be creepy or awkward, but I need a focal point when I’m talking to someone!
  25. Would you kill for chocolate? Only dark chocolate!
  26. On a scale from 1-10 how fun is shopping? 19561550654546.
  27. Do you yell a lot? Only when I’m discussing something I am passionate about…like Harry Potter or books and movies I love.
  28. Do you wear sweatpants/pajamas to school/work? Occasionally, but I try NOT to. I feel like a bum if I do haha.
  29. Have you ever dressed unlike yourself to impress a guy? No. I really believe in being yourself.
  30. What makeup could you not live without? Face powder, eye liner and mascara.
  31. Do you fall in love easily? No.
  32. Do you have cramps? Occasionally.
  33. Do you think you have the bestest friend ever? Of course, but I think everyone thinks that!

In the words of Humaira – Now it’s your turn! I tag everyone!

Answer in the comments below!

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This post would not have been possible without her & she has a fantastic blog that I love!


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