My New Dessert Love: Frozen Grapes

So I have recently become obsessed with eating frozen grapes.

And not JUST because I’m on a diet, which I am.

But also because they are SO delicious.

Initially, I thought, “Well, okay, grapes taste okay and freezing them is supposed to be like a treat so I guesssssss I’ll try it.”

Do note the monotony.

And I cannot believe how delicious this simple snack is.

 All I did was put a ziploc of grapes in the freezer for a few hours and voila!

My new favorite snack!

So delicious, low calories, perfect diet food and my new favorite any time of the damn day food.

Yep and it’s not totally unfounded either.

Did you know grapes have a lot of health and beauty benefits as well?

Aside from studies done showing the nutrients in grapes may help to lower blood pressure, it may also aid in the prevention of various cancers, improve cognitive functions, improve cardiovascular health and more!

In terms of beauty benefits, grapes may also help with cell regeneration and turnover, protect from free radical damage and oxidative stress in the body AND skin, and the alpha-hydroxy acids may also help to clear problem skin and prevent wrinkles and fine lines!

A little extra bonus, the malic acid in grapes may also help to whiten teeth by removing surface stain discoloration and preventing other stains from sticking as well.

Just more reasons for me to love them!

How about you guys?

Do you guys love grapes?

Have you ever tried them frozen?

Let me know in the comments!

The foodie in me is dying to discuss this!


7 thoughts on “My New Dessert Love: Frozen Grapes

  1. healthyfrenchie

    I love grapes, but have never tried them frozen.. I keep thinking it won’t be worth it! I have some in the fridge now though, I might pop a few in the freezer for a snack 🙂

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I know right?! I kept thinking it was such a diet person thing to do. You know, those health junkies who swear that wheatgrass juice tastes amazing when in reality it tastes LIKE GRASS haha. But I promise this is really good, it helps me control junk cravings and it’s fun to snack on because since its frozen it takes awhile to eat them. And for some reason ( and this may just be me), they seem sweeter when they’re frozen. Though I’ve only done this with the red grapes not the green ones so I can’t say how those will taste frozen! Hope you enjoy!

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