After Much Emotional Distress, I Think I’ve Got It!

So this weekend has been terrible for me in terms of trying to formulate a complexion enhancer/botanical foundation.

What with the gritty finish formulations and the crappy staying power, it’s just been one scrapped experiment after another, but tonight, I think I’ve finally got it and heck yes, I am excited!

After much experimentation, I finally think I have a smooth matte finish formula for a “complexion enhancer/ bb cream/ foundation / tinted moisturizer that could possibly work.

Water based, oil-free, nice staying power, brightening, anti-aging, sunscreen, and botanical benefits that are eco-certified and natural, I really am pleased with the formula that I’ve come up with.

I will test in on myself and friends in the coming weeks and let you know how it goes.

Super Excited for Now though!

Night All!



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