The Truth About Oil In Skincare

In skincare, people often have a negative view of oils going on your face.

They associate it with breakouts, greasiness, clogged pores and other horrors occurring on the face, but this couldn’t be more far from the truth.

The truth about oils is that they can do wonders for your skin, no matter your type, even oily, acneic and sensitive skin.

Much matters when it comes to the KIND of oil you put on your face.

For instance, mineral oil is terrible for your skin, but you will find that many mainstream companies have it included in their formulations. Why? Because it’s really cheap, odorless, simple to use, and they can cut costs that way. Unfortunately, mineral oil is really heavy and tends to clog pores. Also, it comes from a non-vegetable petroleum source so it’s not the most natural option for your skin. It is very controversial as an ingredient in skin care as some studies have shown it as a potential carcinogen, though no studies are conclusive.

On the other hand, natural vegetable, fruit and flower oils offer incredible benefits to the skin. Some are heavier while others have a lighter consistency so some oils are more suitable to dry skin while others can greatly benefit oily or acneic skin. Some great oils for those with dry skin include raspberry seed oil, pumpkin seed oil, and avocado oil which include vitamins A & B as well as various proteins that can improve your skins condition. Other oils for those with acneic or more oily skin include grapeseed oil, extra virgin olive oil, neem oil, and tamanu oil which hold great moisturizing properties as well as antibacterial, antiviral and often astringent and toning abilities which can help to moisturize your skin while healing it. This is perfect for those with frequent breakouts as often times, mainstream brands offer acne products that include harsh ingredients such as alcohol which can dry skin, age skin prematurely and even make acne worse over time.

What is fantastic about oils is their versatility. They are often rich in proteins (the building blocks for skin, hair & nails), vitamins (anti-aging nutrients) and work well to moisturize your skin because many, especially grapeseed and olive oil, closely resemble your own natural skin oils and are therefore easily absorbed.

Although the cleansing oil I sell at Storybook Apothecary is sold as a facial cleansing oil and makeup remover, it also has several other uses: as a nail cuticle oil, bath oil, hand moisturizer, neck and chest moisturizer, as a facial moisturizer (in small quantities), as a conditioning hair serum for hair ends and an anti-frizz serum, and of course, as a facial cleansing oil and makeup remover. The list goes on and is only limited to what you can think of and what is safe for your body of course, but in terms of topical use, I find it works very well in these areas.

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5 thoughts on “The Truth About Oil In Skincare

  1. theclassyanarchist

    YES! Oils are fabulous for the face, and I have been raving about them forever! Coconut oil is what really got me started. My skin is so dry! But I use oils for so many things. Hair treatments, moisturizing, makeup removers, to add to my apple cider vinegar hair rinse, nail treatments, oh boy!

    I also second how harmful mineral oil is. It’s a by-product of gaseoline, is it not? It doesn’t absorb into skin, so it just sits there as some sort of “coating”, and prevents our skin from breathing. It may give the illusion that it moisturizes, but that’s a bunch of crap!

    Thanks for this post 🙂

    1. storybookapothecary Post author

      I couldn’t agree more! I’m really glad you think so; I love cleansing oils as well. They’re very versatile and nourishing to any and all skin types. Its one of my favorite ways to cleanse my skin and helps to give me a nice glow! Thanks for commenting 😀

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