Female Arsenal of Beauty: Great Skin Care & Natural Beauty Enhancing Cosmetics

As a girl and now as a woman, I love beauty.

Anything remotely related to skincare, makeup and the like and I’m there.

Skincare and makeup have always been a way to express myself creatively and, what I believe, are a great way for me to look and feel my best.

My passion for organics and beauty is one of the biggest reasons I decided to start Storybook Apothecary.

Its been a few years now that I’ve studied and researched organics and natural ingredients in beauty, testing creams and serums out on myself, friends and family and, in that time, I’ve been encouraged by them to take my passionate hobby to the next level by offering items to the general public on Etsy.

Initially, I really felt intimidated by it all, especially Etsy. There are so many great skin care shops on there that I know and love, who am I to compete with such beautiful products, photos, and overall shop layouts?

It wasn’t until I got the idea of Storybook Apothecary that I really started to feel like I had something special.

I have always been a big fan of all things fantasy, especially the Brothers Grimm.

So, a chance to combine my love for fantasy, story telling and natural skin care is what really led me to this moment and I’m very grateful to be able to share the fun skin care products and ideas that I come up with, with all of you.

I hope very much that you will enjoy what I have to offer and leave me feedback, letting me know what you liked, what you think can be improved upon, and any ideas you have that you want to see made into a skincare reality.

Here’s to helping make you feel and look the most confident, beautiful and happy woman (or man!) that you can be.

Stay Beautiful


I’ll talk to you soon : ]

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