Belle’s Clear Beauty Anti-Acne Serum

This serum embodies the youth, beauty and clarity from the princesses of Grimm fairy tales!

Created to keep your skin looking young, fresh, and clear, Belle’s Clear Beauty Anti-Acne Serum includes a variety of organic oils, essential oils, and some actives designed to help clear acne while hydrating, brightening any acne scarring and toning the skin. wrinkles as well as to calm and hydrate, smooth fine lines, keep your skin clear of minor breakouts, and brighten skin while softening and firming.

For use on all skin types, especially sensitive, and/or oily types or those who suffer from frequent to severe breakouts. Great for combination and others in the summer time or oily year round, depending on how much moisture your skin needs.

Sea Kelp Ultramarine – Sea Kelp Ultramarine is a complex mix including organic chemicals and nutrients from the sea including iodine to nourish and hydrate the skin. Easily absorbed by the skin, this works well for oily types and in the summer as it has a light gel consistency without sacrificing moisture and hydration.

Licorice Extract – Licorice helps to naturally brighten and lighten the skin and evening out your skin tone while it diminishes scarring caused by acne. This extract helps to lend an overall glow and radiance to the skin.

Tea tree EO – Tea tree is known for helping to control oil and destroying acne-causing bacteria as it is antiseptic, antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial. It also lends a nice cooling effect and clean scent during use.

Retinyl Acetate (Vitamin A) – The benefits of vitamin A are renowned in the skincare world for its efficiency at helping with both acne AND wrinkles while also evening out skin tone.

DMAE – This ingredient is the only known in the skin care world to help lift and firm the skin.

Active Aloe – Aloe is great for hydration and calming irritation in the skin. It is added as an extra hydration ingredient that works double time to calm redness, breakouts, and is easily absorbed by the skin so you are getting tons of moisture!

Lemon Peel Bioferment – Lemon naturally brightens the skin as it is a natural form of vitamin C. It can help to lighten scars and soften fine lines while lending antioxidant protection from free radicals.

Azeloyl Glycine – Derived from azelaid acid, this organic compound comes from wheat, rye and barely and helps to rid your skin of stubborn blackheads, white heads and other breakouts. It also helps to reduce scarring and inflammation.

EO Blend – This is a great antioxidant blend that will give your serum a nice and pleasant, yet unoffensive and natural scent while protecting your skin from free radical damage.

Bearberry Extract (Uva Ursi) – Bearberry extract is a powerful antioxidant that is best known for its brightening abilities. Often used in commercial brands in brightening formulations, bearberry helps to brighten hyper-pigmentation while improving the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and healing facial scarring.

Disclaimer: This product is used at YOUR own risk. I am not responsible for any allergic reactions you may have to the product and upon purchase, you, the customer, assume all responsibility. Although much effort is put into ensuring the materials used in these items are safe for use and tested on humans, Storybook Apothecary is not responsible for any misuse of this product or any damages, losses or injuries caused directly or indirectly by this product.
It is advised that before using this product, you conduct a patch test to check for sensitivity to the product.
To conduct a patch test: Place a small amount of the product on the inside of your upper forearm. Leave for 10-15 minutes. If irritation occurs, wash off immediately and discontinue use. After 24 hours if there is no sign of irritation on the patch test area of skin, the product should be safe to use. If any irritation continues/occurs, discontinue use and seek the further advice of a physician. If you think this product may not be right for you, please consult your physician before using.

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